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Cruising For A Bruising

Lily Rose Thomas’s shiners previewed ahead of her bruise exhibition Beneath The Streetlight

Lily Rose Thomas started documenting her life on film five years ago. Starting out just shooting her friends on a 35mm, the London-based English grad went on to form This Is Body – an online zine fusing photographs and short works of fiction. Her latest set of photos are inspired by the strange, awkward beauty of bruised skin, and set to go on show as part of ‘Beneath The Streetlight’ this August – a group pop-up bringing together a range of London artists all expressing the differing relationships and clashes between the city and the individual. Thomas tells us her contribution is about immortalising her own war-wounds: ‘I feel like I’ve been branded. I woke up one morning with all these bruises and I was really worried, but fascinated too. It’s a reminder that my surroundings influence the way I think but can also hurt me.” This Is Body also recently took to Open East Festival, where they created a Tarot Booth vibe, pairing polaroids with short stories.

‘Beneath The Streetlight’ runs from 2nd – 26th August. Find out more here.