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Abuze II, a new photo zine by London-based graffiti kids who trip from Lyon to Lisbon

Remember the mysterious photography zine we told you about last year? Thanks to an elusive email address, we stayed in touch with the graffiti collective ‘Abuze’ and have just received a preview of their third edition. A continuation of their global misadventures, the photos were assembled from painting holidays across Sicily, Lisbon, Montreal, London, Rotterdam, Lyon, Belgrade and Paris, and we're assured that the latest trips had their fair share of photo worthy moments – from epic skylines to tunnel shots to evidence of some serious ass-whipping courtesy of a load of police and security workers in Portgual. "We still walked away from it scot free though," they told us. "Remember kids, always hide your cans well!"

Dazed Digital: This is your third zine. Ever plan to make a book?

Abuze: Yeah, making books is pretty much the dream. It's the best way for photography to exist and is a more intimate way of seeing images than on a computer screen. The object is as important as the contents.

Print isn't dead because a photo on a screen is fucking worthless. It doesn't exist; it's pixels

DD: Painting or photography?

Abuze: Photography. I won't be able to paint forever.

DD: Most memorable moment from these trips?

Abuze: Probably when I didn't go to jail.

DD: What do you do for fun? Besides the obvious...

Abuze: We go swimming, eat some ill cuisine, go raving, smoke ounces, ride bikes...

DD: Why isn't print dead yet?

Print isn't dead because a photo on a screen is fucking worthless. It doesn't exist; it's pixels. A photo in a book is a real thing, an image and an object. Digital is disposable. It's ten a penny and effortless. To actually produce a book to your own spec is an achievement and books have longevity.