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D&AD: Raise the Youth

Shot and shelved, we announce the winners of D&AD's Portrait of Contemporary Youth comp

Four months ago, we gave you a mission: take an image that captures contemporary youth culture, an image that can be turned to in ten years time as a reference to 2013, an image that oozes determination and attitude. We teamed up with D&AD for the D&AD Student Awards to collect a portrait of contemporary youth.

After a long and arduous investigation, we’re pleased to announce the winners and finalists of the D&AD Student Awards. The full set can be seen from the 12th July at The Neu Gallery, London.


A student at the University of Kingston, his photobooth efforts ride the 'selfie' wave that's been swelling through youth culture.


Middlesex University student William Lakin tells a taciturn tale of youthful existence – a snapshot of a world devoid of excitement.


Russian-born shutterbug Anastasia Korosteleva is a student at the British Higher School of Art & Design, and conjures up ideas of loneliness and basic living.

Photos courtesy D&AD. Thank you to supporters Metro Imaging and Making Pictures. Portraits of Contemporary Youth is at The Neu Gallery, London from 12 July.

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London, E2 7DP

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