Instagram Tales: Liars

The L.A. trio share their Instagram feed with us...

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    1. Apple bite sound thing

    While guest editing the Selects section on Dazed Digital this week, we also asked Liars to give us eleven of their favourite Instagram shots...

    1. Apple bite sound thing
    The sound this experiment created was not at all like we expected.

    2. Hover stance
    We'd just got back to our studio after gorging lunch. We chose to commemorate the occasion with a hover stance.Instead of resonating a crispy chomp the result was more akin to a muffled whale moan. 

    3. Angus fire door
    Sometimes gags on tour aren't fun for everyone.

    4. Julian in studio
    We'd built a wall in our studio that was teetering on collapse.

    5. Aaron under bridge
    Sometimes its easy to forget that Aaron is related to Keanu Reaves, but that day by the la river, it all came flooding back.

    6. Wax dip LP
    We had the incredibly messy idea of dipping all our limited edition wixiw album covers into hot black wax. The aluminium foil mountain was there to keep the hot wax temperature just so.

    7. Wixiw fingernails
    This image was taken on our recent us tour and needless to say we fell head over heals for the bearer of these hands.

    8. Aaron chunnel
    From the outside, the chunnel train bears an unfortunate resemblance to a WWII relic. Inside it's way more space odyssey and makes you feel like there should be zero gravity and sad robots.

    9. Pajama jump
    It's not unusual for us to sleepover in the studio. That particular morning we'd just woke to hear incredible news - too private to repeat here.

    10. Broom sweep sound thing
    That broom was so ignored until we bore it new life as an instrument.

    11. Meth-goth
    Sometimes when your travelling around as much as we do it gets hard to decipher the difference between a cool story and what actually happened. I still find it difficult to attest that this was real.

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