Gustav Almestål

The Swedish photographer on the beauty of mould and his Kenneth Anger obsession

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The photography of Gustav Almestål is as diverse as it is detailed. Born and raised in the coldest parts of Sweden, the photographer lives and works between Stockholm and London, photographing the sights that surround or inspire him, from still-life photography to detailed beautifying images of mould. The element of chance is a crucial factor of his work, when not photographing still-life, Almestål’s work is often based around personal observation and experience.

I look at nature, in my bookshelf, in magazines [for inspiration] etc. I always get obsessed with things and currently I'm having a bit of a Kenneth Anger-hangup

Dazed Digital: Could you talks us through your photography?

Gustav Almestål:
I take pictures based on the visual impact I get, right there in the moment of the shoot. I gather the images and create a story from that collection. 

DD: Where do you find your inspiration?
Gustav Almestål:
Anywhere. I look at nature, in my bookshelf, in magazines etc. I always get obsessed with things, (normally this comes and goes in different phases) currently I'm having a bit of a Kenneth Anger-hangup.

DD: Your photographs are quite diverse, is there anything in particular you especially like to shoot?
Gustav Almestål:
I shoot things I find around me, or things that I have collected over time, but I'm always attracted to a beautiful still life and this subject is central to my work.

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