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Joost Vandebrug

Joost Vanderbrug (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Amsterdam-based photographer has assisted big names like Erwin Olaf and worked in Australia for a year.

In last latest exhibition at Foam he shot teenage male models around Europe, capturing them in such a calm mood that you may not even recognise the high fashion labels they're wearing.



What's... special about you, then?
I'm from Friesland.
...your worst vice?
Losing things.
...your favourite piece of clothing?
I've lost it.
...the world coming to?
Something beautiful!
...your MySpace page?
...the name of your hero?
Atreyu [from Michael Ende's The Neverending Story]. great about your hero?
He rescued Fantasia from The Nothing. year going to bring?
The love of my life?
...your worst fashion secret?
Putting bleach in my hair when I was 13, thinking it would go blond. It didn't.