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Following The Wireless Around London

Ben Toms and Robbie Spencer document the fashion-conscious garage-rock quintet as they wander from snooker hall to recording studio.

During the earlier part of this summer photographer Ben Toms and I documented new London band The Wireless, for a film collaboration with Dazed and Original Penguin. Countless hours were spent larking around in Stoke Newington, home for most of the band members and where their studio is located, following them around in snooker halls and street corners and during their recording sessions, as well as filming at their numerous gigs held accross london. The Wireless are Felix - Vocals, Guitar, Danny - Drums, Backing Vocals, Martin - Guitar, Backing Vocals, Joe - Keyboards, backing Vocal's, Hugh - Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals.

Q&A with Joe Walsh keyboard player from the band.

Dazed Digital: How was it making the this film?
Joe Walsh: Fucking awesome.

DD: What is the accompanying song "He's so proud" played on the film about?
JW: The song's about one of Felix's half hearted relationships. It wasn't particularly interesting at the time but with some vicious hyerbole and some shouting it ended up sounding vaguely songworthy.

DD: What was your favorite item of Penguin clothing?
JW: Some of the sweaters were cool but my favourite was the white roll neck..

DD: Why did you choose the name The Wireless?
JW: It's a bit of a shit metaphor for the retro/modern feel of our music. It hints at a sort of romanticism for the past but has quite a modern connotation aswell.

DD: What have you been up to recently?
JW: Rehearsing constantly and recording demos it's been pretty exciting.

DD: How long have you been together now?
JW: As the band today about a year and a half but a few of us were in bands together before.

DD: What have you got coming up in the near future?
JW: We're playing the Orange "I am Eveyone.." or something tour in a few days which should be fun. Releasing our next single at the end of the month as well.

DD: What has been the most exciting thing to happen to you guys so far?
JW: Getting into a good recording studio and having the chance to work with our songs was pretty exciting.

DD: What gigs / festivals do you have coming up?
JW: Apart from the Orange gig we haven't booked any gigs for the next month or so to give us a chance to do some writing. Past that, we might have a tour of Poland or Germany coming up which should be interesting. Apparently the punk scene in Poland needs some younger blood..

DD: Have you met any obsessed fans yet?
JW: Nobody really likes us so the few fans we do have are usually quite intense. We have the ex lead singer of an Oi punk band called Cristian who comes to most of our gigs and gets kicked out, and a bizarre japanese fan page.

DD: What are your hopes for the band in the future?
JW: Just to keep writing new material and do some proper tours

Check the September issue of Dazed out now to see the full Original Penguin supplement and stills from the film.