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Tom Demac

Murmur Records & Nofitstate

Mulletover honcho Stuart Geddes' London-based house label invites Tensnake and Tom Demac to play their upcoming party

As one of the bigger clubnights in East London, mulletover has been selling out to full capacity in their warehouse events for the last few years. Behind it all are the team of Rob Star and Stuart Geddes, or just known as Geddes for his DJ stints. However, his involvement with music also extends to his own label murmur. Based in London, they have continuously put out covetable records from the likes of Alex Jones (production partner with Turbo's Matt Walsh) to 2020 Vision's Simon Baker and Rekids' Luke Solomon. Now murmur presents their new night Nofitstate, inviting down Hamburg's Tensnake behind the track of the summer, 'Coma Cat', Live at Robert Johnson's Gerd Janson, and Tom Demac alongside Geddes on 2nd October. 

Dazed Digital: How do you find and/or pick your artists? Is there something in common that runs through all your signings or a sound you’re looking for?

Stuart Geddes: I find most music through searching or by recommendations from friends, Tom Demac for instance was through Glimpse he was like 'you got to check this guy out'.  Few years later he's our main artist.  When listening to music to sign I try and imagine it on the dance floor and for something to grab my attention, whether it be a hook, lead or bassline, if everything else is working with it I'm on it.


DD: Why did you start murmur?

Stuart Geddes: It was a natural progression at the time. I'd been doing parties for five or more years and wanted to do something else in music, something I new I could put a mark on. I've been lucky enough with the people around me to make it work, in a short space of time it's been successful and the right people seem to have got behind it.


DD: How would you describe the label in a sentence?

Stuart Geddes: Labour of love - three words, sorry.


DD: Do you primarily see yourself as a DJ or a producer?

Stuart Geddes: My background is being a DJ and is what I see myself doing most naturally, being a producer, for me, takes more concentration and time. I love spinning records but as time moves on I like to spend more time in the studio playing around than on the road.


DD: Why do you think about this issue of superclubs dying? Good thing, bad thing?

Stuart Geddes: Everything moves in cycles in dance music, clubs play their part in a certain scene or time. New York for instance had all the legendary disco clubs which helped create house music, they've now gone but they played a part and were relevant in dance history. New York now has something else going on, an underground scene which is doing something else for the city, BLK Market, Resolute, Wolf + Lamb are all doing something special. So, in short, these things happen, one door closes and another one opens. It's bad in a way 'cause it affects people but at the same time forces change, which is a good thing!


Nofitstate will also be releasing a limited edition vinyl sampler featuring four exclusive tracks containing murmur's back catalogue as well as exclusive tracks from Geddes, Tom Demac, and Mic Newman with remixes from Solomon, Till Von Sein and Chopstick.

murmur presents.... Nofitstate. Saturday 2nd October, secret location - 10pm till 6am. £10/£15 in advance / 50 £8 early bird tickets