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Electro-Popstress Yelle Returns

Kitsune's proud to release the upcoming EP from the energetic neon legwarmer-clad singer

In order to escape living in a monochrome world, French popstress Julie Budet aka Yelle is set on bringing back bright fluoro and pumping pop songs regardless of what the neighbours say. Playing with melodies and dance beats, Budet made her mark with her tongue-in-cheek 'Je Veux Te Voir' mocking the likes of French rap groups like TTC back in '08 from her band's album 'Pop-Up'. Working with producers GrandMarnier and Tepr over the last three years, she is now set to release her latest track on hip Parisian label Kitsune

Dazed Digital: What could you not live without - bright colours? Or electro?
I would say electro because you can easily dance on acoustic music too, boom-clap you know! Living in a black and white world could be depressing at some points. Classy, yes, but depressing at some point, no?

DD: What is it like working with GrandMarnier and Tepr? Does everyone get along?
We have been touring almost three years together, so it's like a family and most of the time it's super nice! GrandMarnier leads the process because he is the main writer and producer of the songs, but we clearly work like a band. Matching ideas to go ahead!

DD: What can we expect from your new songs?
More melodies, more melancholy, but still dance! We are addicted to dance music, body music, so on the new songs you'll be able to dance and cry at the same time!

DD: How has your music changed since you first started singing?
Nothing changed actually! I am simply fan of songs, pop songs! I love hooks, choruses, verses... singing, talking, or screaming them!
DD: Who are you listening to right now?
I really had a crush on Miike Snow. I love Siriusmo (Who produced three songs on our album) I love Robyn's new album and I had a crush on the White Rabbits too.

DD: Any dream collaborators?
I was dreaming of Siriusmo. I would love to do a duet with Dave Gahan or Damon Albarn. And to work with some Swedish producers. I'd love Lady Gaga to do a saxo chorus in one of my songs!