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Disco Nutters Crazy P

The Northerners delve into their mental health problems and penchant for split-crotch knickers.

Don't let their fearful (former) name put you off, but disco lovers Crazy P(enis) from up North have been storming the charts with their happy-go-lucky breed of pop tunes with cowbell heavy beats. Fusing electronic synths and house tempos with vocalist Danielle Moore's powerful vocals, Crazy P were fast signed to Manchester's Paper Recordings before they moved onto Leeds' most forward-thinking house label 2020 Vision. With their single 'Stop Space Return' featuring as iTunes UK single of the week back in '08, the eclectic band have since been touring, playing festivals like at Notting Hill Carnival and Croatia's electronic Garden Festival.


...special about you then?
We specialise in love-infused disco, fairly unusual for two honkies from the North.

... makes Crazy P so crazy?
Lack of sleep, too much coffee. Oh, and inherent mental health issues.

...your worst vice?
Not being able to say no... to anything.

…the story behind your name?
We were originally called 'loco-pinga' which means Crazy Penis. We got the name from a car-boot 7" single Toddy's flatmate had lying around, oh the naivity of youth. Our first label Paper Recordings found out what it meant and insisted we went with the English translation, they had another artist on the roster called Dirty Jesus, you can see the thought process - Dirty Jesus VS Crazy Penis... We lost the 'enis' a few years back mainly due to the fact the joke had worn thin but also the project had moved into new territory and wasn't so relevant.

...the world coming to?
Mmm, better not get me started on this 'cause it won't fit on the page, this country... etc

...your worst fashion secret?
Split-crotch ladies knickers. Did I say that out loud?

...your favourite website?

... good for breakfast?
Coffee and croissant? Maybe if we're feeling sophisticated and have an important early breakfast meeting with the accounts department, otherwise the biggest fry up available please (no tomatoes though). the top of your shit list?
Social networking self promoting head up their own arses types. I don't want to know what you had for your fucking dinner mate, yeah?

...are you listening to now?
The Electric Wire Hustle album on BBE - it's how contemporary soul should sound - fresh.

How would you describe your work?
Tech-jizz-plum-grunt-wendy house-hard lounge with a splash of urban mythology.
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