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Thomas Von Party

Thomas Von Party at dollop

Ivan Smagghe, Thomas Von Party and Matt Walsh headline the closing party of Scrutton Street, the sweatiest warehouse in London.

Since dollop held the first party in Scrutton Street Warehouse, the vast split-level space has been used for the likes of Turbo, Mega Mega Mega, Mulletover and Urban Nerds events. Now to be closed for redevelopment, dollop are back to throw it one hell of a farewell party with the likes of 

Ivan Smagghe, Thomas Von Party, 
Matt Walsh, 
Nathan G Wilkins, Milo Smee of Chrome Hoof, Russ Tannen and Feeding Time DJs.


Ivan Smagghe (of It's A Fine Line with Tim Paris and French label Kill The DJ) will be joined by Turbo Recordings' Thomas Von Party, and 
Matt Walsh of Clouded Vision who has had residencies at Bugged Out! and T Bar's infamous High Horse night. 
Nathan G Wilkins, and Milo Smee will also be making their appearances, whilst capacity is strictly limited to 400 with advance tickets at a fiver, so we'd advise you to get on it now. But first, we have words with Turbo's A&R and Tiga's brother Thomas Von Party on what's next and what's good.

Dazed Digital: Scrutton Street, have you played there before? Is it not the absolutely most sweaty place you've ever entered?
Thomas Von Party: Thanks for the heads up on that. I didn't even know where we were playing, just that it was a warehouse party with Ivan Smagghe and Matt Walsh. Mmm... sweaty places. Scrutton Street sounds dirty, and pretty close to Scrotum Street.

DD: What does 'Dollop' mean to you?
Thomas Von Party: It's an English term, usually applied to yogurt. It's also a name of a night, right? Or a promoter?

DD: Will there be 320 'bangorz'? Any tag-teaming with Matty Walsh?
Thomas Von Party: I've heard English people call some super gay music 'bangers' so I don't know any more. I can't keep up. I think the idea for the night is to play a bit more left field... Ivan is an outstanding DJ who always plays refreshingly different music so Matt and I will probably follow his lead in a sense even though we're warming up for him. I have a tonne of new Turbo stuff I'm very excited to play and haven't had much chance after a quiet few weeks at home.

DD: Where/what will you be up to in London whilst you're here?
Thomas Von Party: Making a pilgrimage to see Aphex Twin! Doing Planet Turbo at LED. Staying at Matt's place. Maybe scones.

DD: What's next from you?
Well I might actually finish this remix for Sei A that I've been working on. I start a lot of music but basically finish nothing. Mostly I'm just busy with the label so it's really more about what's next from Turbo... Big albums from Azari & III, Sei A, Proxy, and new stuff from ZZT plus lots of other killer 12"s. We're also getting a new office that should be more geared towards creative production of podcasts, videos, etc. So that's exciting. Aren't you excited?

The dollop Warehouse Party, Saturday 28th August

 10pm - 6am, 

has now been moved to The CAMP
, City Road, London.