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LOGO (Paris, France)

The quirky electronic duo are set to release their double A-side on Kitsune

Kitsuné's latest export, LOGO, are a neatly groomed duo with a passion for banging out electro tunes. Combining heavy basslines and catchy guitar riffs with classic Kitsuné electro synths, the band's first EP entitled 'La Vie Moderne' already contains two surefire hits: 'La Vie Moderne' and 'Junocide' due out this August 30th. Dazed have a chat with the boys alongside an exclusive minimix.
WHAT'S… special about you, then?
H : Being interviewed.
T:  We wear the same clothes like twins.

...your worst vice?
H :  Cachou la jaunie, french licorice sweets.
T:   American spirit.

…the story behind your name?
H : If I we told you, we'll have to kill you.
T: Beware

...the world coming to?
H : The world is mine
T: A worlds apart

...your worst fashion secret?
H : I rarely wear socks.
T:  My jersey of Ribery.

...your favourite website?
H :

...good for le petit dejeuner?
H : my mother.
T:  American spirit. the top of your shit list?
H : Thomas
T: Myself

...are you listening to now?
H : "The Nightfly" by Donald Fagen.
T:  "Le Carnet à Spirales" by William Sheller

How would you describe your work?
H : Entertaining, naive, melodious, and tense.
T:  Techno