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Rye Rye Freestyles

Long term M.I.A collaborator and N.E.E.T label signing Rye Rye answers a few questions and impresses with an exclusive Dazed freestyle track

After previously lending her vocals to productions from Diplo, Blaqstarr and The Count & Sinden, Rye Rye AKA Ryeisha Berrain is on her own this time as her long-anticipated debut album ‘Go! Pop! Bang’ is released on M.I.A’s N.E.E.T imprint. Rye Rye initially caught the ear of her label boss after overhearing her in the studio and, in the spirit of acronyms; we would definitely like to hear the new material ASAP. In the meantime though, Ryeisha has kindly recorded a freestyle, exclusive to Dazed Digital. We try to find out a little more about what's in store from this PYT with a quick Q&A FYI...

Dazed Digital: The album has been put on ice for a while now. Are you relieved that its finally going to be released?
Rye Rye:
Yes, hell yeah I am relieved! I've been literally jumping for joy that it's actually in the works of coming out!

DD: Could you describe it for us at all?
Rye Rye:
The album is just relieving lol! It's fresh! It sounds like Nu-HipHop! It's a party/fun album... It has many different sounds! I feel like I covered almost every angle for people and most of all it'll keep you dancing!

DD: What's it like have Maya as your ‘boss’?
Rye Rye:
It's a pleasure! I really get a lot of fun out of it because I don't look at M.I.A. as my boss more so a mentor and a relative who guides and leads my direction! But she's great and it's not too tough working with her because we have a connection.

DD: Have there been any playdates in the studio with Kennidi and Ikhyd yet?
Rye Rye:
There have been no playdates in the studio yet. They actually haven't met lol but I'm thinking they'll maybe meet at the Hard shows! Hopefully that'll be their first meet and greet lol!

DD: I read somewhere that you grew up as a big Christina Aguilera fan. What else were you listening to growing up?
Rye Rye:
You read that I was a big Christina Aguilera fan somewhere... Hmm only place it could have been was Twitter lol. But yes I was a huge fan, her music's always inspiring to me! I also listened to Jay-Z, Nas, Mariah Carey, Missy Elliott, Aaliyah, Destiny's Child! They were like my top artists to listen to growing up... all of their music touched me in different places!

DD: I also read you’re a big Lakers fan. Dare I ask if you’ve been watching any of the world cup or, at least, the England vs. USA game?
Rye Rye:
Yes I'm a big Lakers fan! Well I'm A big Kobe fan but because he plays for The Lakers it's only right I support the whole team! I never heard of the World Cup honestly, just seen it as a trending topic on Twitter and seen the definition for it! Lol and I don't really watch any games except when The Lakers are playing or The Ravens!
DD: Thanks for doing a freestyle for us by the way! Which two rappers would go head to head in your ultimate freestyle battle?
Rye Rye:
Kanye West And Drake Or Lil Wayne And Jay-Z... and the winners battle each other! Lol.

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