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Hospital’s new kid on the block brought block rocking beats to a Shoreditch basement to celebrate his self-titled release...

Just before the album launch for his eponymous record at East Village in Shoreditch, Dazed caught up with Hospital’s newbie Netsky, or Boris Daenen to his supportive parents. In recent months, A&R departments in respective record labels have really been sitting up and taking notice of this 21-year-old Belgian. His remix for Miike Snow’s ‘Black and Blue’ being a notable highlight of his rapidly growing portfolio, and one that grabbed the attention of heavyweights such as DJ Hype, Mistajam and Ashley Beadle. Premonitions of his success by those mentioned might have something to do with the previous successes of album-mates High Contrast and London Elektricity. Whilst Netsky has a while to go before reaching that level of recognition, the excitement and anticipation of what's to come in both the short-term and long-term resonated through the crowd as they poured into the venue. Clothes quickly became sweat-soaked and ears perforated. Here’s what Netsky had to say for himself...

Dazed Digital: In your experience, how do British crowds compare to Belgian ones?
Netsky: In London? They’re amazing. They’re just like, the people at raves here are just more interested than in Belgium really. They’re jumping all the time, partying really well, it’s really cool.

DD: Is there much of a scene in Belgium?
Netsky: It’s getting better. It’s nothing compared with England to me because the drum and bass scene over here is much bigger and everybody is really up to date with the music here and in Belgium it takes them a little bit longer to get up to date with the labels and stuff but its getting better and we’ve got some really good promoters in Belgium.

DD: Are there any other cities in the UK that have really stood out for you?
Netsky: My favourite city in the UK so far is Brighton really. I love Brighton. I’ve played two times at Digital. It’s a club on the beach in Brighton and it’s amazing over there. It’s just, I love Brighton for the people and they’re all really laid back too.

DD: On the other hand, what is the worst aspect of touring for you?
Netsky: I haven’t really had any bad experiences yet to be honest. It’s a bit tiring but you get used to it really. You can sleep during the day, during the week so its alright.

DD: Considering you’re quite young compared to a lot of your contemporaries, what do your parents think of your career path? Have they seen you play?
Netsky: Well yeah (laughs) they came to a gig one time but I never really allow them to come to a gig. My mother wanted to come down to London tonight but I was like ‘please don’t!’ They’ve come down to a festival in Belgium, that was fun and they were really proud of me after my set. It took them a while to get used to because I started making music and as soon as I got signed to Hospital and then got a really busy schedule, I stopped with my uni work so I just went into music full-time and it took them a while to get used to that idea but they’re really supporting me right now.

DD: Tell me a little about the new record…
Netsky: I’d like to call it a drum and bass album, really. There’s one track which is a dubstep tune but that’s the only tune that’s not in the drum and bass tempo. I did a collaboration with an MC called Darrison, he sung on a track of mine. Jenna G and Bethany Harding; she’s a girl from London and she did the vocals for one of my tunes too. I love doing collaborations really; I’d love to do some more in the future.

DD: You mentioned in a previous interview that it was a High Contrast remix of Kanye West that really got you into drum and bass. Who would you most like to work with, given the opportunity?
Netsky: I’ve said before someone like Brookes Brothers but actually, I’d love to do a tune with High Contrast! I don’t know, maybe in the future, I hope so!

Netsky is out now on Hospital Records