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VoicesVoices Premiere Flulyk Visions

The tripped out LA duo transcend the Austin Psych Fest 3...

What’s a Flulyk Vision? “It’s like a feverish dream of your future, one that allows you the opportunity to change it for the better,” explain Nico and Jenean of VoicesVoices. With slow-mo, booming bass drums (reverb set into the red), psychedelic inner vision melodies and zooming guitars, the LA duo premiere their new video on Dazed Digital, directed by Cuautzin Gutierrez. After coming off tour with what may be the best stoner trinity in The Gaslamp Killer, Prefuse 73 and School of Seven Bells, they went on to play a mind melting show at the Austin Psych Fest 3. Amazing. Check out their video premiere which also features Fly Lo and Brainfeeder affiliate Dr Strangeloop on the visuals, and send good vibes through otherworldly vehicles to get them some UK summer festival shows. Our lives will be enriched. If that doesn’t happen you can get them on the upcoming Manimal Vinyl David Bowie tribute album (alongside Warpaint, Vivian Girls, Duran Duran and Carli Bruni) or their Origins Ep, produced by the maestro, Prefuse 73.

Dazed Digital: How was it working with Cuauhtzin Gutierrez? Real name, no gimmicks?
VoicesVoices: Working with Cuautzin was fantastic! He and his crew were very accommodating and professional, and kept us laughing during the shoot. Very important. We sat down with Cuautzin a couple of times to talk about ideas and he took them and created a great performance piece. Cuautzin's name still trips us up! It's pronounced ‘kwotzeen’.

DD: And Dr Strangeloop, he has quite the reputation.
VoicesVoices: Any time we've worked with Dr Strangeloop it's been amazing. He's done visuals for us when we played at The Troubadour and has remixed a couple of our songs. He's a talented musician, motion graphics designer, VJ, an overall inspiring artist who we have much respect for. We love working with him in any capacity.

DD: How was the Austin Psych Fest 3?
VoicesVoices: Oh man, it was so much fun! We got to see Gaslamp Killer for the first time since we toured with him - he slaughtered the audience with a psychedelic set! There were people there with hookas and pot cookies in the shape of guitars and overall, Austin has proven to be very welcoming. We were just there for SXSW and were so thrilled to come back for the Austin Psych Fest. The guys who put the fest on are so nice and took good care of us, and what a perfect city to hold a psych fest!

DD: What are your plans for the summer?
VoicesVoices: Next up is a re-release of our Sounds Outside EP (on Lefse Records) which will feature two new VoicesVoices tracks and remixes by The Gaslamp Killer, We Are The World, Sister Crayon, and a bunch more of our friends. We’re also working on the full length coming soon!

VOICES VOICES "Flulyk VIsions" Music Video [HD] from CrazyGoodness on Vimeo.

Directed by Cuauhtzin Gutierrez
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