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Mr Jesse Rose

Made To Play's label boss spills the beans about his new EP and life in Berlin...

After pioneering the genre encompassing the grey area between wobble bass and minimal tech-house, London's Jesse Rose relocated to Berlin with his own label Made To Play. His productions having been released on Switch's Dubsided label were a minimal take crossed over with electro sounds and heavy basslines, sometimes fusing mad brass samples or old jazz vocals. Now signing the likes of Oliver $, Zombie Disco Squad, and Riva Starr on his own label, Jesse Rose has shaped electronic music to his own standards with his new EP 'Sleep Less'.  

Dazed Digital: How has your music changed since your last release, if it has?

Jesse Rose: It's alway hard for me to describe my own music, I always think it sounds different every time and others tell me they can always tell a record produced by me whether super deep or a festival banger...
DD: What was 'Sleep Less' inspired by?
Jesse Rose: 'Sleep Less' was pretty much inspired by my travelling schedule. In March I went from Berlin to Tokyo to play at Womb, back to Berlin for a day in the studio before I headed off to Paris for a Made to Play residency at La Regine, then direct to London to sign a new act, back to Berlin for the made to play residency at Panorama (which runs from 12am-12pm) and it was straight off to L.A and the start of my U.S Tour, which ended in four days no sleep and three gigs at WMC, before jetting off to Mexico to play an extended set in Playa Del Carmen, then an afterhours on the beach before jetting straight back to Berlin to finish a remix for Sound Pellegrino. Sleep isn’t really on the menu when you’re moving about like this.
DD: Why do you think it represents Made To Play so well?
Jesse Rose: I suppose it's up to you to judge that! Made to Play has done pretty well this past year, with a big part due to the people working in the office (Caroline, Lucas, Charlie, Will), they all work 24/7 and like to party hard on top... it's great for me to see everyone missing sleep as much as me in the cause of making something great.
DD: Are you staying in Berlin for good?
Jesse Rose: I’m all about doing whatever feels right at the time and inspires me.... when I moved back to london after five years away in my early twenties, the city gave Dubsided, Made to Play and myself the sound we had! Inspired by so many different types of music, when I moved to Berlin four years ago it was about going a bit deeper, getting away from what the scene had become and now... well I move around every week but you never know when I may pack my bags...
DD: What are you listening to now?
Jesse Rose: Demos for the 'Five years of Made to Play' compilation, new e-40 album, Flying Lotus demos, Major Lazer new bits, pan pipes, flutes and 808 drums... It's always a mix of music i'm working on, music I'm signing, music I'm sampling and music to inspire.
DD: Which direction do you want your sound to go, musically?
Jesse Rose: Pretty much the way it's going... in terms of Jesse Rose productions it's all about house in its different forms... always trying to come with a new angle and not follow the sheep... in terms of productions for other artists it's about expanding.. right now i've been working on a disco type thing for Hot Chip and a half step / drum & bass thing for Major Lazer... always something new me hopes.