A Place To Bury Strangers

"The loudest band in New York" talk about ripping open speakers and supporting the Jesus and Mary Chain.

Started by ex-Skywave dream-pop-ist Oliver Ackermann, New York band A Place To Bury Strangers are bringing doom to a new generation on their self-titled debut. The band sulk for ten relentless tracks over a canvas of hammering drums and distortion, resulting an incandescent roar seldom seen since the likes of Ministry and KMFDM. Their blistering squall may have earned them the title of "the loudest band in New York" and their melodies may be ice-cold, but don’t call them anesthetized: A Place To Bury Strangers wear their lovelorn passion on their sleeves (along with their influences). Dazed Digital went over to the dark side with Oliver and company on the eve of the band’s mini-tour with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to talk reverb and ripped speakers.

Dazed Digital: How did you guys get so loud?
Oliver Ackermann: I rip apart speakers and blow up amps so often that I’ve gotten really good at finding out which speakers are the loudest and how to fix most of our equipment. We tend to run the signals into our amplifiers much hotter than we should and at frequecies that talk to dogs and our intestines.
DD: You recently played some shows with the Jesus and Mary Chain. Which other bands or artists have been influential to your sound?
OA: In the old days I was heavily into bands like Ride, Slowdive, and My Bloody Valentine, plus bands like The Crystals and Buddy Holly. That influenced my writing style a lot. Now, living in NY, there's so much going on around you all the time, and that sense of urgency adds an edge. It really breaks down any preconceived boundaries in art, and life for that matter. There’s a lot of yelling in the streets.
DD: What do you like best about living in New York and playing shows there?
OA: I love living in a place where there are a lot of people pursuing interesting projects. Everyone is really nice and cool about sharing ideas and experiences. Sometimes it can feel like too much, but at least you’re never bored.
DD: When you were asked to play with the JAMC did it trip you up?
OA: Ha ha. Definitely, I couldn't believe how much of a dream it was to do it. Being a huge fan of the Jesus and Mary Chain in my youth I was blown away by the idea. It was amazing.
DD: Where do you go from there? Tell us what your plans are in the coming months.
OA: Our tentative plans are to tour the USA in January, and then do Europe in February.

APTBS' self-titled debut is available now from Killer Pimp.

Click play below to hear 'I Know I'll See You'.