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Uffie's Got It

Ed Banger's First Lady in electro pop rap comes storming back with her long-due album, 'Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans'

After the popularity of Uffie aka Anna-Catherine Hartley's first tracks 'Pop the Glock' and 'Hot Chick' back in 2006, her long-awaited album is now set to be released this June 2010. The morning after seeing her play at the Dazed x Gucci's party last week, Dazed Digital met up with the electro popstress to see what's in store for the Ed Banger crew and how she finally finished her album...

Dazed Digital: What was the best gig you've ever played? Do you still get stage fright?
Uffie: Yeah! I don't think there's really been a best gig, every place is so different you know, but the best concerts seem to be in Australia, the kids there just really go mental.

DD: How has your music changed since the early days? How does it feel to finish yor first album?
Uffie: Having changed as a person and all, it's definitely more advanced, and in the album there's a lot more singing. I don't quite realise how it's all gone so quickly. Definitely a big relief.

DD: How would you like to describe what you make?
Uffie: I'm a punk at heart, but I'm like surrounded by electro artists so that definitely has its influences.

DD: Do you still feel like a big part of Ed Banger crew or do you think you've moved on a bit?
Uffie: We've all gone to a different places, and now everyone's so busy. We're all still close but yeah everybody's definitely more split up now.

DD: You did a collaboration with Pharrell Williams on the album, was that a long time coming? Any more dream collabos?
Uffie: It's funny we played together at a party like, ages ago but yeah I asked for him, and it all worked out. Not really, it's more like a case of when and where, the right time and place - whatever comes along.

DD: Your album features a cover of 'Hong Kong Garden', are you a fan of all that post-punk stuff? And what are you listening to in your free time?
Uffie: Yeah I really loved the song and I lived in Hong Kong as well... Right now I'm kinda into hip hop, and Demon, this French producer - just really random stuff!

DD: Any interest to produce music yourself?
Uffie: I've started to play around with the piano, it's interesting to be able to produce the image of what to do in your head, translate it. Working with different producers, it just depends on how easy it is to communicate, like if there's a connection or not, a flow - but me and Mirwais work really well.

'Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans' is out June 14th