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Photo by: Julia Corsaro

Girlcore comes to Paris

The all-female professional party-throwers will be taking it to France's capital

“When you think of Girlcore, you probably think of vaginas and glitter” states the blog of girl-only, East London-based collective Girlcore. Indeed, if you ever attended one of their parties, chances are you can recall impromptu flashing and stuck-on bling. The fearless females set up events mid-way between experimental performance art and trannie shows that generate mass hysteria and messy, messy bars. They are now getting ready to give the French the once over. On the 1st of May, the collective is coming to Paris to organize a night at Le Baron, under the theme of ‘Baroque’. The girls talk to Dazed Digital about promoting ladies of talent worldwide, chocolate eclairs, and girl-loving.
Dazed Digital: How did you end up performing in Paris? And what will you show the French?
Girlcore: Two of the Girlcore girls are from Paris so it's their hook up! We love Paris, it's so good to take the Eurostar and end up in the middle on this beautiful city with lots of hot French people and éclair au chocolat, and to catch up with friends and make new ones. Girlcore residents are DJing all night and Marawa The Amazing International Hoola Hooping Star from La Clique will be showing off her skills (she's much more flexible than us.) Our theme is Baroque so lots of dressing up too.
DD: The theme is Baroque - why?
Girlcore: We love to dress up and this is pretty classy (and one of the girls has an outfit from BBC costumes and needs an excuse to wear it)... think Marie Antoinette, stacks of pastel macaroons and talcum powdered hair. Le Baron is a bit posh innit - should fit right in!
DD: Le Baron is no East London - how do you expect parisians to react to you guys?
Girlcore: They love us! At least we hope that's why they asked us back. Some of our friends said they've never seen Le Baron like it was at our last party there during Fashion Week.... lots of kissing, boys dressing up (the theme was Femme Fatale), and glitter of course. What a night, what a hangover. And James Murphy turned up! (amazing)
DD: Will you be going to more cities?
Girlcore: We are going to Croatia for the Stop Making Sense festival in September and back to Athens soon too hopefully. Planning Berlin, Madrid and maybe Moscow again. Whoop!
DD: How many years has Girlcore existed, and what was the original aim of the collective?
Girlcore: We've all been friends on different levels for years now, through going out and having a similar circle of creative-minded/wastoid friends. It was nearly four years ago at Secret Garden festival that we first decided to become a "collective" of sorts. We realised that we all had so much fun hanging out and being silly with just us girls, and wanted to recreate that feeling in the form of a club night. Girlcore was also founded as a way of promoting female talent, which is why our parties feature solely female DJs and performers. It's not a man-hating thing, it's a girl-loving thing.
DD: How has girlcore evolved since its creation?
Girlcore: A few more girls, more cities, more love. We're getting closer and closer, it really feels like a family.
DD: What are its future plans for the collective? clothes? music?
Girlcore: The Girlcore magazine! We want to continue supporting female talent in any way possible, whether it's music, visual arts, fashion. We're planning a Girlcore Magazine exhibition and t-shirt line, and we're going to continue our global takeover. We'll do more, we just need to find the time!
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