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Planet Turbo

Tiga and the crew return to London for a blowout show with stunning live visuals and a whole load of techno

In attempt to write like a Turbo Recordings onesheet, the prestigious techno label will be raining their heavy electronic beats down hard on London this weekend allowing children (over 18) and adults alike to take a daytrip to 'Planet Turbo'. Saturday May 1st will see the likes of the label roster's Tiga, DMX Krew, Boys Noize, Matt Walsh, and friends Trevor Jackson and Erol Alkan playing The Coronet. We speak to head honcho Tiga, his bro DJ, one-time Dazed contributor and A&R for the label Thomas Von Party and DMX Krew for a little taste of what's to come...

Dazed Digital: What is Planet Turbo and how does one get there?
Tiga: Turbo artists and friends get together under a giant laser and entertain. You need to buy a ticket, and leave your prejudices at the door with the doorperson. All our Turbo stars will be there, from Proxy to Zombie Nation, with good friends like Erol Alkan, Boys Noize and 2ManyDJs lending support, and our first ever full stage show and visual assault, done with master visual assault artist Andreas Nillson (see The Knife for example).

DD: Do you see the label going in any particular direction with techno?
Tiga: Forward. Totally forward.

DD: What's next?
Tiga: The Turbo Tour is going to be pretty full on until the end of the summer, including a big tour of Australia. I am working on a new double mix CD as well as some remixes. And building a new headquarters. And shopping. Reading.

DD: (very important question) Who is your favourite Disney princess?
Tiga: Snow White. 100 per cent. I lost track with all the new-jacks. I also like the look of the evil witch in 101 Dalmatians. Unrelated question, but are Chip N Dale Disney??

Dazed Digital: What will Turbo Recs be bringing to London?
Thomas Von Party: Our gameplan. Structure. Deal-making abilities. Seal-listening abilities. Phat music. Stickers. A stunning visual show designed by Andreas Nilsson. And once you've had your mind stunned, those stickers start to look even better.

DD: What can we expect from your set?
Thomas Von Party: Well... I'm a career-long opening DJ. You could call me old-school in that sense (if you wanted to nauseate the people around you). I try to lay a groove foundation on top of which a towering vibe-castle can be built. If you enjoy my set, you can come and find me hanging out by the drawbridge, probably holding a wand.

DD: How will you want people to remember this party?
Thomas Von Party: The end of an era. The birth of an epoch. The dawn of Turbo's global domination. The night they (re)discovered DMX Krew, first heard the new ZZT on a big sound system, and finally decided to get a subscription to Turbo's catalogue. All my most profound party experiences have been subscription-based and that's something I really want to share with others.

Dazed Digital: Do you think acid has made a comeback?
DMX Krew: It hasn't been away round my house. There was a bit of a buzz a year or two ago, a few oldie compilations and a few good new tracks, but haven't heard much recently.
DD: What can people expect from your set?
DMX Krew: They can expect '87-'91 house and techno classics from Chicago and Detroit plus newer acid stuff from the last few years.... plus some rave and harder acid techno... why limit yourself to one style?
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