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Matt Walsh Mix

The London-based DJ/producer is set to release his first solo EP on Wax:On with a promo mix in tow...

Besides releasing remixes on Tiga's Turbo Recordings and co-producing under the guise of Clouded Vision with Steve Cook to making acid-tinged tracks with Alex Jones, London's Matt Walsh has been pretty prolific in the production and DJing game remixing the likes of Peaches, Moby and Brodinski. After having run the now defunct High Horse night at T Bar with Casper C and Skull Juice, he will soon be playing the Planet Turbo night at London's Coronet alongside the likes of Erol Alkan, Boys Noize, acid king DMX Krew, Thomas Von Party, Trevor Jackson, and Tiga himself, whilst his new five-track EP 'Honey Comb' will be released on Wax:On this April.

Dazed Digital: You've been co-producing for some time, why is it now that you've decided to do your first solo single?

Matt Walsh: It's a matter of learning really, when I started working with Steve as Clouded Vision I didn't know much at all how to make music, but knew how things should sound and how a track should be structured through DJing. It's a natural progression really and being a DJ isn't just about being good at playing other peoples music anymore. I've also wanted to put out stuff alone that sounds the most like what to expect from a typical club set that I would play. What I have done with Alex has been more tech-house related and we are still going to do some stuff together but my work alone is going to be more techno based.

DD: And it's out Wax:On label, is that a label/night you feel particular ties to?
Matt Walsh: I have played for Wax:On quite a few times and always had a great time there. They have the best resident DJs I've come across, called People Get Real and playing after them is always a pleasure. I did a remix for Wax:On recently so Dan, the promoter, was one of the first people I sent the tracks to and he really liked them so it kind of went from there.

DD: You're originally from Colchester right, you ran a night there? What was that like and who was involved? Kissy Sell Out?
Matt Walsh: Yes I am, I ran a weekly night on Thursdays for four years from 2003 to to 2007 where I booked a lot of bands and DJs that were up and coming including The Noisettes and The Mystery Jets who went on to do pretty well. It was something really new to Essex and became extremely popular, people used to travel from other towns and a lot of the bands that played came back to party on other occasions. Kissy came every week, but he was only Tommy back then and was in the dj box jumping around behind me. I think that's where he developed his enthusiasm....
I travelled to London at every opportunity to go to Nag Nag Nag, Trash, Bugged Out and the Boutique and they inspired me to start a techno night as well at the same club so I was lucky to play a lot of different stuff where I developed my style.

DD: Do you see yourself going in any particular direction with techno?
Matt Walsh: I would like to yes, I like the idea of creating a line between the brash noisy stuff and the not so exciting typical tech house sound that is so popular. It's a really exciting time for dance music now with so many genres to keep up with and new ones appearing every week.

DD: Is that what you'd call it?
Matt Walsh: Erm yes I suppose - Technically my club sets are "techno" but I'm sure some people will argue with that.

DD: Who or what influences your music?
Matt Walsh: Honey Comb was based on Nitzer Ebb track, I found a synth that sounded just like the acid bass in "Join The Chant", I would have liked to do vocals as well but there would be too many obvious comparisons to a certain other DJ...

DD: Favourite labels right now (apart from Turbo)?
Matt Walsh: There are too many to mention, There's a great techno label called Rrygular that I pretty much always buy their releases. I love the new French Techno sound, Get The Curse and FORM are doing a great job pushing it. Tigersushi, Kill The DJ and Playhouse have always been my favorites and still always guarantee you quality.

DD: How did you end up meeting the guys from the Turbo label?
Matt Walsh: I was warming up for Tiga at T Bar and people thought I was him, after seeing the cameras on me when he arrived he instantly saw a business opportunity to do twice as many gigs I think so he invited me to Montreal. I played back to back with him and Thomas, his brother, and we played acid records all night in a tiny cave full of smoke and lasers.

DD: You've worked with Alex Jones, and as Clouded Vision a lot, do you have any other dream collaborators?
Matt Walsh: I'm actually doing another collaboration with a guy from France called Zhao. I sent him a track and the parts to it and he's finishing it off. He sent the same to me so we should have an EP ready in the next few weeks. A dream collaboration would be someone like Roman Fluegal or I:Cube.

DD: What is it that you try to make with Clouded Vision separate to your other projects?
Matt Walsh: The tempo really, its much slower and more disco I suppose.  I have set up a label with the same name, there are two more releases coming and im looking into releasing some music by other people as well, maybe with a CV remix on the flip of each.

DD: What's next?
Matt Walsh: The remix EP for Honey Comb with another track titled "Brood Comb" is coming out on Seinan Music. I have three amazing remixes from Mike Mind, Sei A and Clement Meyer and It will be out at the end of May. I have just finished a remix for Southern Fried and a Clouded Vision remix for a classic disco track by Johnny Dynell on 40 Thieves label, "Smash Hit".  The EP with Zhao should be done soon and Ive started a remix for Popof also. The Planet Turbo Tour is something I'm really looking forward to and a trip to Montreal again next month so a great summer hopefully.

Honey Comb Promo Mix Tracklist
Heartthrob - 101 Loop / Matt Walsh  - Honey Comb (Buzzapella)
Zhao - Third Step
Matt Walsh  - Radar 2
Kebacid -  Acid Chimney
Tiga - Overtime (Brodinski Remix)
Sekta + Spoek Mathambo - Peter Pan (Julio Bashmore Remix)
Matt Walsh - Honey Comb (Camel Remix)

Get the Honey Comb EP here at Beatport.