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Image by Kirsty Fletcher

Dazed April 2010 Playlist

Music Editor Tim Noakes springs into action with a playlist featuring Best Coast, JJ, High Places, Mr Flash, Fuck Buttons, and LCD Soundsystem...

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What are you planning on doing this spring? I might go to Cornwall, drink cider and eat pasties. Then again, I might get into shape, stop drinking and cut out the pasties. Doubtful. I'll probably just end up staying in Hackney blasting this month's playlist at full volume – particularly Best Coast, Little Girls, High Places, Javelin, James Blake, and JJ's "My Life". Also check out all the new material from Headman, Harlem, Hrdvsion, Mr Flash, Kerogen, Scuba, Silver Columns, Sunday Girl and Fuck Buttons featuring Mr Suicide himself, Alan Vega. Rough Steez indeed! All killer, no filler. Spring to it!

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