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Talking to Tiefschwarz

The techno duo return with the new album on their own label, Souvenir...

Hailing from Stuttgart, brother duo Alexander and Sebastian have made a name for themseves both as dynamic DJs and as part of a production team since the 90s. Having mixed compilations for Bugged Out, Get Physical and releasing on labels like International Deejay Gigolo Records, they've earnt themselves slots as some of the biggest DJs out there, headlining nights at Fabric, London and of course, Berlin. In addition to being part of the electro house sound alongside the likes of Ivan Smagghe, their love of deep house was the result of their name meaning 'deep black' in German, with their newest album 'Chocolate' fusing tech-house sounds and techno. Dazed speak to them upon their long-awaited return to the production scene...
Dazed Digital: There seems to be a lot of strong vocals/spoken word, especially in the intros to your songs for this album, was this an intentional structure and if so what was the purpose of it?

Ali & Basti: We wanted to have a nice mixture between instrumentals and vocal tracks.. it also happened during the production process. It wasn´t really planned from the beginning...

DD: Do you primarily see yourselves as music producers or rather as DJs?
Ali & Basti: When we´re in the studio we miss the DJ world - when we're on the road we miss the studio!

DD: You've been in the game for some time- what were the influences for this latest album?
Ali & Basti: It comes out of our stomach and out our years of experiencing music - it comes out of our deep love for house and techno and in music in general - with no boundaries.

DD: Having made a mix for the Fabric compilation series, do you feel a particular appreciation for the London club scene or do you prefer playing in Germany?
Ali & Basti: We love Fabric and we can not wait to play our first live set at Fabric soon! Of course we love to play in Germany as well, Berlin especially - still so many great clubs, parties, one-off events..

DD: You've remixed some really big, pop-ier names like Madonna and Missy Elliot, are those more challenging or even fun to do than for say, other tech-house/electronic artists?
Ali & Basti: It´s always the actual mix - doesn´t really matter if its pop or a smaller electronic acts - as long as we have a connection to it..and we still love doing rmxs. So right now it was a rmx for the British band "Hurts" and the next will be for Audion... so from left to right and back again...

DD: What are you listening to at the moment?
Ali & Basti: Bon Iver, Grizzly Bear, Arthur Russell, Reboot, Deutschland Radio Kultur...
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