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The Good Natured (London, UK)

The British songstress combines dark synths and restrained drumbeats for a thrilling ride

Before you lump Sarah McIntosh in the same crowd as Florence and the Diamonds or La Roux and the Machine, give the young British female singer/instrumentalist a chance to be heard as she comes. Performing under the guise of The Good Natured with her live band, McIntosh's music fuses together a sense of naive vulnerability alongside a not-to-be-messed-with attitude. Her charging vocals on the dark, almost omninous tracks with a distinct synthiness has caught the attention of the folks at Kitsune and is set to play their next gig with Feldberg at London's Pure Groove.


...special about you?
I have a secret talent for canoeing and I am happy to eat houmous with literally any meal.

...the story behind your name?
I am good natured.

...the world coming to?
I am sat in Hyde Park in the sunshine eating M&S sandwiches so the world's quite good right now.

...your worst fashion secret?
I don't know but I heard a girl on the train say she bought £1 fake tan from Primark, that's pretty bad.

...your worst vice?
Putting the word "mate" at the end of every sentence.

...your favourite website?
Fakebook the top of your shit list?

What are you listening to now?
Bon Iver

How would you describe your work?
Kick ass. I saw that film the other day and it was good, I recommend.

There'll inevitably be the comparisons to other female singer/artists, do you feel there are any in particular that you actually do see similarities to or have influenced you?
I like Kate Bush and Fever Ray, and Karen O is amazing.
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