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Gyratory System

The mind bending technicolour marching band takes over Feeding Werk

What a distinguished couple these two make. Underground musical royalty Feeding Time and Werk Discs are hosting a gleeful melee, a moveable feast of out-there electronics. Feeding Werk sees the south London label’s mainstays Actress, Lone and Lukid play Plan B (this Saturday 10th April) alongside Voodoo Ray legend A Guy Called Gerald and the astonishingly bonkers Gyratory System. A British experimental legend, producer Andrew Blick’s three piece must be the UK’s only acid-fried, horn-led electronic marching band. Coincidently, Gyratory System also released one of last year’s most essential records, The Sound-Board Breathes and out this week, the Yowser Yowser Yowser remix package featuring Optimo, Cherrystones and Joe Meek. What can you expect? “Intense, disorientating rhythms and squelches with electronically treated brass instruments,” says Blick. Wowee zoweee.

Dazed Digital: Good to see you’ve brought Cherrystones out for the remix EP.
Andrew Blick: Luckily pretty much everyone on our wish-list said yes. We tried to get a mixture of brighter ones, like the Meek Joe mix and darker ones, like Alalal. The Cherrystones mix came via Barry 7 (formerly of Add N to X) who is a fan. The Reboot was done by me, trying out a new computer I had just got fresh out of its box. I don't know philosophically speaking if it is possible to remix your own stuff, so I called it a reboot.
DD: Where did Yowser Yowser Yowser come from?
Andrew Blick: The title popped into my head when I was trying to cross a very difficult-to-cross road to get to Palermo central station in Sicily. Try crossing that road and maybe a similar phrase will come into your head. It is probably subconsciously inspired by Chic’s Dance Dance Dance and also the carnival atmosphere the track creates - it's a phrase that a circus barker might use to get the attention of customers.

DD: Was there ever that defining trumpet moment that got you hooked?
Andrew Blick: Listening to Sketches of Spain by Miles Davis probably did the trick. He showed a completely new set of things that could be done both with the instrument and music in general, bringing together jazz, classical, so-called world music and lots else.

DD: Although there’s the improvisation vs structure with Gyratory System, it seems less of a struggle and more of a celebration?
Andrew Blick: Our music is about extracting the most positive out of the conflict, using the clash to create euphoria. It's not total hedonism but it is living in the moment, partly because I don't think life is a preparation for anything else, we are not going anywhere when we die, so we need to make the maximum of what we have here.

DD: Let’s talk about your British sensibility and love of marching bands.
Andrew Blick: I suppose you could place us in a tradition of experimental British-based artists, not sounding like them but influenced by their approach. People who did quite radical things in a straightforward way like Joe Meek, Bowie, Eno, Biting Tongues, A Certain Ratio, 23 Skidoo, early Warp. But I don't largely see things in nationality terms. With regards to marching bands, I used to work in an office next to Horse Guards Parade and in the spring you could hear the marching band rehearsals for Trooping the Colour all day long. Those people can play. I don't know how useful these skills are in combat but marching along in the heat wearing those uniforms and playing in time cannot be easy.

Yowser Yower Yower Remix EP is out now on Angular Records.

Feeding Werk
Plan B
418 Stockwell Road, SW9 7AY
10th April
9pm - 4am
£8 advance / £12 on the door

A Guy Called Gerald
Gyratory System
Dave I.D