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The Teenagers Vs The Teenagers

The Parisian indie-electro trio get interrogated by their Myspace fans.

The Teenagers Vs. The Teenagers

Earlier this month, Dazed invited some Myspace fans of Parisian indie-electro trio The Teenagers to an east London classroom to interrogate the band. Watch the video, then see below for some of their pop culture obsessions.

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Since gathering together one Christmas and composing the filthy lo-fi gem "Fuck Nicole", Quentin Delafon, Dorian Dumont and Michael Szpiner, the three childhood friends that make up The Teenagers, have become one of the most buzzed-about bands of the moment. They're now based in London but their real home country is Myspace, through which their rabid fans send pictures of themselves nearly as saucy as the band's own lyrics.

Their debut album Reality Check expands on their juvenile world view, taking in one-night stands, house parties, and stalking Scarlett Johansson. It's a special brand of Serge Gainsbourg-does-unspeakable-things-to-Britney pop, combining scuzzy, chugging melodies with Delafon's hilarious and heartbroken lyrics, and, in their own words, "it's totally awesome".

The Teenagers' Pop Culture Obsessions

Quentin Delafon writes an exclusive guide to the band's pop culture obsessions.

Music: We share some tastes like M83 but most of what each of us listen to is very different.
I would listen to pop, electro and minimal but since I am in The Teenagers, I am listening to a lot of indie music. I really love MGMT and Yeasayer at the moment.
Film - anything from Terminator to Home Alone or The Goonies. Anything that made us laugh or shit our pants when we were younger.
More recent stuff would be Sofia Coppola and Larry Clark.
I am a big photography lover so for me it was essential to bring a visual dimension to our music with bold graphics. I am a big fan of Guy Bourdin and Andreas Gursky among others. It was really cool to have Matt Irwin to agree to do our cover shot because we also like what he does a lot.
Female icons: Shannen Doherty. Cindy Crawford. High school secret crushes.