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About to release their Auditoria compilation, New York's electronic label sets out to make drama on the dancefloor

Amongst the current bustling musical climate in New York, Colombian-born, primarily New York-based label, Biatchcorp Recordings have been releasing minimal and laidback electronic tunes from the likes of tech-house producers (and label co-founder) Karraskilla to Abe Duque and the more minimal Perc (of Perc Trax Records). Set to launch their new 'Auditoria' compilation featuring Deepak Sharma and Ascii.Disko, Biatchcorp's founders Pito and Karraskilla aimed to fill the gap with a sense of unity in the music scene, hosting nights with heavyweights like the eclectic Danton Eeprom, Brendon Moeller and Martinez.

Dazed Digital: Why did you decide to start a label?
Biatchcorp: We were promoting in New York since 2007 and after bringing amazing acts over the States we thought it could be also interesting to capture this great moments and extend the joy, not only just by partying but preserving these fresh sounds with a record label. We also knew this new venture would force us to be more assertive towards our music priorities and individual music goals too.
DD: What did you think was missing out there and what gap does Biatchcorp fill?
Biatchcorp: Unity was missed. There is a lot of talent in New York that is underestimated, also over-skilled musicians and performers that get disconnected from the scene and stopped contributing to it. We don’t fly frequently to Europe to check our favourite artists and it’s great to be a facilitator for these experienced people to come to the States. Probably we didn't fill the gap alone but we are satisfied.

These days New York has a more parallel scene from what we felt we were missing three to four years ago. It's great to see locals and foreign forces taking action based on their passions, and the most exciting is seeing how the local talent blends and enriches all together thanks to this trade. We see the NYC techno scene as healthy, and hopefully US DJs get to enjoy a similar working environment as it happens in Europe.
DD: How do your first ever releases compare to your most recent ones?
Biatchcorp: As opposed of chasing a unique genre or specific musical characteristics, we believe our process is synergetic. We guess we go more towards a deregulated point of view, we are just open for surprises and we don't isolate or discard great music just because it is not part of a trend. We like the way the remixes keep a distance from the original in each EP, allowing cross-genre interpretations that enrich the whole listening journey, each of one developing its own personality.
DD: Is there a particular 'Biatchcorp sound'?
Biatchcorp: Yes we have a small manifesto: 1) We like to dance, we like drama in music.
DD: What's the story behind the name?
Biatchcorp: We were clear about Biatch, it was a game of choosing the right suffix. A way to incorporate uncorrupted music.
DD: How do you pick your artists?
Biatchcorp: There’s no formula, it just happens.
DD: What's next?
Biatchcorp: We want to have our own line of chinese food, just like Abe Duque with his famous "Chicken Wings & Beef Fried Rice"! There’s also interest of our own brand of coffee and emeralds coming soon.