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A Mixtape From Memory Tapes

The spearhead of the glorious ‘glo-fi’ movement, Memory Tapes puts together a mixtape for Dazed Digital

They’re calling it ‘chillwave’, glo-fi’, and even the ‘sound of 2010’. But put aside these slightly absurd tags for the moment and just luxuriate in the nostalgia-drenched, gossamer light beat-driven pop music of bands like Washed Out, Toro Y Moi and Memory Tapes, and there’s no denying that the early part of this new decade has seen the previously abrasive guitar licks of the DIY scene largely supplanted by surprisingly emotive sounds emitted by computers. Settling on the moniker of Memory Tapes after variously been known as Weird Tapes and Memory Cassette; 27 year old ‘stay-at-home dad’ (and remixer to the likes of Phoenix, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Yeasayer) Dayve Hawk’s debut album, Seek Magic was the aural equivalent of sepia-toned polaroids of a much-loved roadtrip. Ecstatic and melancholic at the same time, Hawk is a man not afraid of using handclaps and vintage New Order synths to create dreamscape pop that reaches for the shimmering heights of Saint Etienne or The Tough Alliance.

We asked Mr. Hawk to put us in his musical headspace and this is what he came up with.

1. Carried Away - Television
I love Tom Verlaine and this is probably the prettiest Television song.

2. Ex Lion Tamer - Wire
Pink Flag is one of my favorite records ever, it was hard to choose a favorite track but this might be it.

3. Everything You Do Is a Balloon - Boards of Canada
I really like this whole EP but this track especially. Love the bends in the melody. 

4. Antivapor Waves - Drexciya
Drexciya is one of the only detroit techno things I really listen to... this whole album is jams.

5. Just an Illusion - Imagination
I'm a sucker for these old club tracks. There's so much more melody and looseness than a lot of newer stuff. 

6. Murder of Maria Marten - Shirley Collins and the Albion Country Band
Fairport Convention rhythm section playing on this one. I love the kind of grooves those guys put under these old songs.

7. I Never Dreamed - The Cookies
The perfect record

8. Gloria - The Cadillacs With Jesse Powell Orch
I love a lot of Doo-Wop but the melody of this one kills every time. 

9. Aht Uh Mi Hed - Shuggie Otis
Probably not the best Shuggie song but the arrangement is amazing.

10. Open Up The Gate - The Congos
I love this album, but this song stands out a bit for not being sung in falsetto. The vocals are crazy sincere sounding to me. 
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