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Nottee Pops Up

Icy disco pop from the Neneh Cherry-loving Scandinavian nymph

There are a few ways of introducing the stunning Swedish starlet known as Nottee. If you picked up last year’s Kitsune Maison 8 you'll have heard the infectious piano licks of “Control”, her perfect pop vocals discoing between the stripped-back house shuffle. Did you know she also played bass in her brother Leo’s band Lo-Fi-Fnk? Or maybe you know her simply as an awesome 24-year-old supply teacher from Stockholm called Nova Drougge. Anyway, formal greetings aside, this Neneh Cherry-loving nymph is one to watch, and that you can at her debut London tour in April, where you’ll be treated to her elemental electro pop ballads. Minimal, icy and magical musical tales of an 80‘s-indebted modern life. Bring it on. 

WHATS… special about you, then?

... your top 3 wishes for 2010?
3. To make a song that I love. 2. To make three songs that I love. 1. To release an album that I love.

…the last film you saw?
Rocky Balboa.

...the last song you heard?
“Don’t Stop the Dance” by Bryan Ferry.

...the song you wish you had written?
“My Sweet Lord” by George Harrison.

...better, dusk or dawn?
Dawn! I feel so happy every time I wake up right before the sun comes up. One of the best feelings I know.

…so good about Sweden?
We don’t have earthquakes or tsunamis. The houses are well isolated. The free education.

...the world coming to?
It doesn’t matter.

...the name of your hero?
All the people who take care of people. special about your hero?
It could be anyone.

...your worst fashion secret?
Winter clothes.

...this future going to bring?
Positive feelings.

...your favourite website? A Swedish blog community for fighters. the top of your shit list?
Snobbish people, and I mean all kinds of snobs - music snobs, intellectual snobs, style snobs, language snobs...

How would you describe your work?
I hope that if you listen to it you’ll hear that that the music comes directly from my heart and my hands.