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ESKMO (San Francisco, USA)

Tight and icy electronic bass ballads from The Bay

It’s slightly embarrassing (yet obviously inspiring) when you click on a new (to you) artist’s bio and it reads like the Domesday Book. Reams of information about releases and remixes you never caught up on, the fact that this guy has a decade-deep discography, runs his own dope little label and has released bangers under multiple aliases. San Francisco's Brendan Angelides is that guy. Luckily his latest release on Warp “Lands & Bones” that feature’s LA’s chanteuse Swan (split with EPROM’s “Hendt”) is the gift that keeps giving, bringing his lush, bass heavy electronica as Eskmo (check out his sublime work as Welder) to the forefront. Deeper, bong hit, late night vibes to EPROM’s laser club bangers. While you’re at it there’s his releases on Vertical Sound and Planet Mu, his Bibio remixes for Warp, a Brainfeeder mixtape and his Ancestor Media label too. 

WHATS… special about you, then?

... three inspirations to make music?
Little siblings, nature and alchemy.

…the last film you saw?
Actually, Avatar.

...the best piece of advice you've heard?
What you focus on gets bigger.

...better, dusk or dawn?
Dusk is pretty cool.

 ...the world coming to?
According to a friend a transcedental epoch.

...the name of your hero?
I don't have a specific one but Tom Waits comes to mind. special about your hero?
Just all around true badass artist. Has grown throughout his career and process. That's all you can ask.
...your worst fashion secret?
I've got toe holes in 40% of my socks. the top of your shit list?
I haven't spent the time making a shit list yet.

How would you describe your work?