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Mulletover 6th Birthday

Legendary London clubnight celebrate their sixth birthday this year with an epic line-up at a secret location

London's much-celebrated Mulletover night who've billed the likes of Simian Mobile Disco, Ellen Allien, and Lee Curtiss are celebrating their sixth birthday at one of their usual secret east London locations. Treating clubgoers to three rooms of underground house, techno, dub and disco with a few birthday surprises and a birthday present for the first 600 people who purchase a ticket, take heed of the 'Silver Theme' and get on down to the eclectic electronic sounds- including tech-house from Get Physical's Heidi, Chicago-influenced Leftroom honcho Matt Tolfrey and Levon Vincent to ambient dubstep from Floating Points and eclectic jazz-tech headliners dOP from Paris, who speak to Dazed Digital alongside DJ and co-founder of the likeably named Mulletover, Geddes.

Dazed Digital: How does it feel to be six?

Geddes: This year I feel we've turned a corner - six years is a long time to be doing a party. We've not missed one event in all that time... It's been crazy and surreal at the same time.

DD: Why did you start Mulletover?
Geddes: At the time I'd just moved from the suburbs into London and spent many a sunday afternoon in Notting Hill Arts club for Lazydog and Soulsonic. It was was these guys that really inspired me to do something of my own, something that people would come for the music and to be socialise. In the beginning it really was a family affair, I mean it still is now but back then when we were still doing small places for like 200 people, we new everyone in the room, it's not quite like that now!

DD: How do you think it differs from the other techno/house nights in London? Do you think it has changed the London music scene, and how?
Geddes: I think it's played its part in what London has had to offer over the last few years. Six years ago there were loads of warehouse parties going on so I wouldn't say we came up with the idea, we were different to what everyone else was doing because of a shared vision Rob and I had on where we wanted the night to go, further down the line that's why we've stood apart from everyone else.

DD: What criteria goes into how you pick who to book? Are there any dream DJs/producers you'd like to play at Mulletover?
Geddes: I've always tried to book people who can work a certain type of magic on the floor, it's important that a DJ can take you on a journey. I'd like to see Ricardo Villalobos and DJ Harvey on the same bill.

DD: Why is it that your nights are always 'secret locations' only until last minute?
Geddes: Previously we haven't known where we doing the party until the last minute!  now we're a bit more organised but still like to keep people waiting..

DD: This 6th birthday event has quite a range of artists playing from more House sounds in Room 1 to Floating Points in Room 2... what vibes were you aiming for in each room and does it tie into this 'Silver Theme'?
Geddes: I don't think the music ties into the theme it's just something we can all have a bit fun with. The music in each room is always geared differently...

Dazed Digital: How does it feel to be invited to headline Mulletover's 6th birthday?
dOP: We feel honoured to headline the birthday party...we love to play this kind of party, it's always the best, and a big celebration.

DD: Word on the street is you guys are amazing live, what is your set up like?
dOP: Jaw is the singer and entertainer of the band. Clem controls the computer and the mixer, and Damien plays the keys.

DD: Are you going to stick to the 'silver tin foil theme' dress code on the night?
dOP: Yes for sure! We love to dress up, it's always more fun.

DD: Your productions are always so different, what triggered your move from your jazz backgrounds into electronic music and tech-house?
dOP: The musical freedom of this scene, and that the audience is ready to discover new stuff, new sounds. And also we love to party, so it's more fun in the tech-house scene than in the jazz scene. Electronic music let’s you travel all around the world, every weekend…and that's also a particularity of this scene.

DD: With so many of you, what is your production process like?
dOP: There are no rules, we are all in the studio everyday, working on music. Giving our opinions, playing instruments, editing... We are very interactive. We like doing music in this way. We also have almost some friends in the studio everyday behind us, making jokes, cooking or whatever. Our studio is a kind of meeting place too.

DD: What's the story behind your name?
dOP: We can't tell you the story, because we signed a contract about confidentiality. If we say it we will lose all our creativity, and nobody wants that...

dOP (Live), Will Saul, Matt Tolfrey, Geddes, Levon Vincent, Floating Points, Cottam, Heidi, Tayo, Frank Tope, Joe Ransom, and Antony Hill (FACT) will be playing in three rooms at Mulletover on Sunday, April 4th at a Secret Location, 10pm - 7am