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TOKiMONSTA (Tokyo, Japan)

The first lady of Brainfeeder brings her astro-vandalism to London

Ahead of the sold out London Brainfeeder opus at Fabric (check out the Dazed exclusive Flying Lotus tracks as well as the forthcoming Dazed mag features with Mr Steve Lotus, Gonja Sufi and The Gaslamp Killer) we cajoled LA’s TOKiMOSTA (aka Jennifer Lee) for some R&R... records and recommends. Hailing from Torrance and more specifically the high school where they filmed 90210 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, TOKi (which means bunny rabbit in Korean) is the sole female in the Brainfeeder camp, making a ton of noise with her astro-vandalism and doing it for the girls with her absurd, stuttering bass drops. Also check out her Analogue Monsta project, a collaboration between herself and the singer and producer Suzi Analogue. “We are joining forces to create something very, very different and very, very cool,” smiles TOKi.

WHAT’S… special about you, then?
Other than the fact I'm one of few ladies who make beats, I watch a strange combination of documentaries, cooking shows and cartoons. I also dabble in visual artwork and I really really enjoy cooking.

…the last film you saw?
I re-watched Chungking Express recently.

...the best piece of advice you've heard?
Be yourself.

...better, dusk or dawn?

…so good about Los Angeles?
Great weather, beaches, dope music and great spots to eat.

...your favourite piece of clothing?
Lately, it's been my over-the-knee leather boots I purchased in Paris.

...the world coming to?

...the name of your hero?
My mum. special about your hero?
She managed not to short-circuit when I told her I was deciding to do music full time.

...your worst fashion secret?
Wearing fake spectacles.

...this future going to bring?
Well, I'm hoping flying cars will finally become a reality.

...your favourite website?
Carolines Mode, an awesome blog from this Swedish stylist. the top of your shit list?

What inspired you to start making music?
Basically, a friend just loaded some software on my computer and then suggested I try making my own beats. Yup, just that simple.

How would you describe your work?
Spacey, soulful, midnight rhythms.

Photo by Shuan Bloodworth and Give Up Art