The Things

We talk to The Things about their new album and working with the Stroke's producer Gordon Raphael.

Tighter then a five year olds puckered arse-hole The Things debauched shenanigans dominate the Irish gigging circuit. All wheezing organs, staccato guitars, grumbling bass and eyeliner - rarely has such contrived stage theatrics been this much fun. Notorious live shows and a handful of sought after, limited edition vinyl releases have helped secure a passionate and ever growing fan base on both sides of the Atlantic.

Wild Psychotic Sounds is their latest release - a self produced six track EP reminiscent of The Gun Club and The Misfits. Recorded, mostly in Dublin, using their 'Rollin Mobile Studio' this is as close to The Things you can get without catching something.

Both releases, Wild Psychotic Sounds and their single Some Kind of Kick serve as a teaser to an album promised later this year (produced by Gordon Raphael). Vocalist Neilo Thing, his voice desperate and sneering impales lyrics throughout. The single Some Kind of Kick sounds like The Amazing Royal Crowns coming off a six day coke binge. The B-side, I Want More - a searing boogaloo freak out.

The Things have a musk of depravity about them. I wanna shoot-up and have rough-sex listening to these fuckers…Oi Oi Oi love them.

The album, Some Kinda Kick, is due for release later this year, I caught up with Robbie the Thing to see how its coming along. 

Robbie: We are hoping to get the album released by November, if all goes well. We have had so many set backs over the past while that its hard to say now if we are gonna get it out by then but as of today that's still the plan. We have around 12 or 13 tracks but that could change as its still only 40 minutes. At the moment we are mastering the final cut of the record."

DD: You worked with Gordon Raphael who produced both of the Strokes hugely successful albums. What attracted to you working with him specifically? 
R: Well the Strokes thing is a bit obvious but we wanted to go all out on this record and get the best names in the business …that we could afford!

DD: How did that partnership work out? 
R: We recorded most of the album with Leo Pearson and the rest ourselves. We only hired Gordon to do the final mixing on the album. Unfortunately our styles kind of clashed so we only ended up keeping some of his tracks. We then recruited Richard Rainey who had mixed our last single, Some kinda kick, to basically mix the guts of the album. Its a pity that this album didn't work between us and Gordon, he’s a nice guy.

DD: Was this recorded on the infamous Rollin' Mobile Studio? 
R: We went for the more - studio/producer/engineer - expensive route for this rather than the DIY lo-fi stuff we've done in the past. We still feel that it maintains the raw energy that we have always tried to capture. There is also a bit of a mix in style on this one from our usual garage punk to rockabilly, synth rock and even some lo-fi country numbers.

DD: Of the acts you've played alongside, who have you been pleasantly surprised by and who has been a bit of a tosser? 
R: As boring as it sounds i haven't been disappointed yet by anyone. The highlights to me personally would have been Peaches and Babyshambles. Peaches as she is a good friend and its always great to have a session together. Babyshambles was a great one, we really hit it off with those guys and they treated us to a real rock'n'roll weekend. Pete Doherty was a very pleasant surprise, obviously we didn't know what to expect with him due to the tabloids but he was a seriously nice guy.

The Things brand of psychobilly infused mischief will hit the Purple Turtle, London this Halloween as part of a short tour in the UK. Wild Psychotic Sounds on Big Neck Records is available now on CD, download and limited edition 12" vinyl. The single Some Kind of Kick is available on Polydor UK.
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