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The Splinters (California, US)

Part Shangri-Las, part Erase Errata, all girl ramshackle rock

Courtney Gray and Ashley Thomas were in a Misfits cover band called The Skullfuckers. Lauren Stern and Caroline Partamian were messing around with music at school, writing lo-fi pop songs. All four girl Splinters met at UC Berkeley and now rock out super hazy, surfy, garage rock ditties for that amazing endless summer only the land-locked daydream about. Check out their awesome debut album Kick, which is part Shangri-Las, part ramshackle Erase Errata, all kick ass - out in March on the brilliant Oakland DIY label Double Negative.

...your place of birth?
Lauren and Caroline are from the San Fernando Valley (Valley girls!) in Los Angeles and Courtney and Ashley are from Ojai. Caroline was very mistaken and thought this was a beach town, but its a hick/hippie town.Caroline: It's close enough to the beach. Plus you used to have tanning contests when you were younger.

…the last film you saw?
Courtney: Does season one of Dawson's Creek count? In one day.

...the best piece of advice you've heard?
Caroline: Drink during practice, which is advice from ourselves.Ashley: My dad told me to try everything. I think he regrets that advice now.

...better, dusk or dawn?
Dusk for sure. None of us are ever up that early to appreciate dawn.
Ashley: Dawn rules when you've stayed up all night.
Courtney: What's the difference again?

…so good about Oakland?
Oakland is awesome because of all the rad music! Some of our favorite bands are from Oakland like Hunx and His Punx, Nobunny, Shannon and The Clams, The Gris Gris and The Machetes. There's a lot of respect and support for each other.

...the best burrito in the The Bay?
Lauren: Classically, I would have to just go with El Farolito or Cancun. It's hard to tell. Actually I prefer pupusas.Ashley: Pupusas are what got us through mixing sessions for our record. So I'm going to go with the pink place on 24th and Franklin with the delicious papusas.

...the world coming to?
Ashley: Smoking will become good for you. Fingers crossed.

...the name of your hero?
Caroline: Mom.
Lauren: Mom.
Courtney: Pacey from Dawson's Creek is my current hero. special about your hero?
Caroline: She's really pretty and has red hair, which I've always wanted.
Lauren: She birthed me.
Courtney: He keeps it real.

...your worst fashion secret?
Caroline: When I run out of underwear I wear these tighty whities I found in my sheets when I moved once. They're clean. I washed them.
Ashley: I make my own thongs. A trick I learned from Courtney in middle school.Courtney: Sometimes I wear Ashley's homemade thongs.
...your favourite website?
Caroline: I've really been into lately. Lots of beautiful things to look at.
Courtney: the top of your shit list?
Caroline: This guy Koko who stole my markers in the second grade. He would also have gnarly farts all the time and blame it on other kids in the class.
Lauren: Berkeley meter maids.Ashley: My 7th grade boyfriend that broke my heart. WTF dude, just 'cause I was nerdy and had braces. Also earthquakes.

How would you describe your work?
Fun, fun, fun in the sun, sun, sun. Although sometimes we practice at night.

The Splinters ‘Cool’
The Splinters ‘Splintered Bridges’