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Photo by Christina Kernohan

Lucky Slott

The New York chapter of LuckyMe comes hounding out of the gates with a sold out record, Lucky9Teen

When the first Heralds of Change records dropped a few years back it was a slap in the face of stale, UK-based hip hop normality. Freaky like Outkast, creative bomb blasts with Prince funk falsettos and an art school freeness, this production duo really had nailed something original. One half of fresh said group was Hudson Mohawke. Enough said. However Hud Mo’s partner Mike Slott, a Dublin to New York City transplant is an equally deserved fixture on any Best Of The Decade... music list. Evoking hope and change and emotional mystics, Mike Slott is an old soul with new beats. Sun Ra channeled through Fruity Loops. Proof that his beautiful new record Lucky9Teen (out on LuckyMe) isn’t some mp3 blog hyperbole, the record sold out within a week of release.

Dazed Digital: With a sold out record, there’s still faith in real vinyl then?
Mike Slott: I hope so. I know this record is probably more of a record to own and listen to rather than play out, so it’s cool to think people other than DJs have been picking up the vinyl.
DD: What’s the story behind Lucky9Teen?
MS: I’ve been interested in the idea of words having numeric values and numbers representing words. I found out how the number 19 actually represents unity or oneness and also its relationship to New York City. It’s all a bit of mystery really. I’m just trying to make some sense of it in my own time. For this record I wanted something that was related to New York but also a reference to where we’re all coming from music-wise.

DD: Liking the Germanic NYC industrial aesthetic.
MS: It’s a little nod to a lot of jazz records that I’ve bought/sampled/listened to over the past few years, it reminds me of some of those ECM records, although I probably look more serious than a 70's German jazz act. Minus moustache.

DD: What brought you to Harlem?
MS: I've always wanted to live in New York and at one point it felt like all signs were pointing in that direction so I just went with it. I’m up in Washington Heights which is above Harlem, not so many folk venture up there but I love it. Feels a little more untouched than downtown. More like New York. I just heard Bobbi Humphry and Sadat X used to live round the corner actually. Not together though.

DD: Will there be more Heralds of Change projects?
MS: There will always be in some form or another, it’s more about friends finding the time to make music, which is what it’s always been. So when there’s enough of that there will be more Heralds of Change stuff.

DD: What were your highlights of 2009?
1. Playing at Sonar, Barcelona.
2. Fixing my computer.
3. Seeing NYC heads come out to my last show despite the worst blizzard in ten years.
4. Putting this wee record out.
5. Falling in love with music again.