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Toby Tobias (London, UK)

Key player of the 'deep funk-fuelled' electronic music from Rekids spills the jelly beans

Long releasing on Matt 'Radio Slave' Edwards and James Masters' label Rekids as well as Bearfunk, Tirk, Tiny Sticks, and Jisco, Toby Tobias has been making a breed of groove-filled lo-fi disco, with tracks featuring guest vocals from Kathy Diamond and collaborations with Mythical Beast and Danny Clark whom he runs a night with. Moving between deeper sounds on 'Don't Wait A Minute' to more upbeat tracks such as 'Beyond Contact', Tobias has also turned his hands to remixing Das Volt, Chaz Jankel and in turn has been remixed by Prins Thomas and Mirau label owner/tropical electronic producer Tensnake. Reminiscent of summer days under the shade, it is exactly Tobias' form of sultry smooth dance music that fits into the return of deep house and trending soul and funk or disco elements in dance music such as with the increasing popularity of labels like New York's Wolf + Lamb and Under The Shade.

DD: Your music mix seems to mix a range of electronic and analogue elements as well- how would you like to describe your work?

Toby Tobias: Umm... deep... funk fuelled, often uplifting, sometimes spacelike, heads-down get your groove on,  late-night disco dance music.

DD: What do you think you bring to songs when you remix them?
TT: Danceabilty. A different perspective. Some of my personality. The funk.

DD: Where is your favourite place to play and why?
TT: So far it has been St Petersburg, Tokyo, Belgrade, London (on a good day)... but anywhere in the sun is always good!

...special about you?
That's not for me to say really without sounding massively big-headed I reckon? I'm pretty good at most ball sports!

...your worst vice?
No comment, my mum might be reading! ...Oh ok jellybeans

...the world coming to?
After Haiti - it's not exactly looking rosy, let's hope we can help them sort themselves out... you eat for breakfast?
Cereal and bananas, jellybeans.

...your favourite website?
Probably, just discovered which I think is gonna become the new favourite - although BBC iplayer is boss. the top of your shit list?
People who don't communicate... London public transport, dodgy phone insurance companies, people who steal iPhones. Latte flavoured jelly beans.

...are you listening to now?
My new masters - for Latenightaudio and Under the Shade.
Nicholas Jaar - A Time For Us.
Floating Points - People Potential
Tensnake - Coma Cat EP
The new Anthony Shakir album
Tiger n Woods - Gin Nation
My new album... sad but true (every frickin' day!)
The latest dug out dusty ole thing - today it's a remake of ''Superstition'' on a old label called Ebonite