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Photo by Tone

The Muhsinah Sessions

The Grammy nominated vocalist and producer doing it for the girls

She performed for Obama’s Inaugural Ball with Common, was on Letterman singing with the Noisettes and got her first Grammy nod. Now Muhsinah is stepping to the front. Her new album, the epic heavy soul bump of The Oscillations: Triangle features her own deep, fizzy productions, setting pretty and definitely holding their weight alongside beats from Flying Lotus, Mike Slott, Exile and Oddisee. This DC-based siren is doing it for the girls.

Dazed Digital: How does it feel to have the Grammy nomination?
Muhsinah: I feel like it was a sign, a reminder to do more and more because our efforts are worth it. I found out about the Grammy nomination via text message, while on the way to the studio, meeting up with Musiq Soulchild to work on some prospective tracks for his next record. I feel like my life is only just starting. How exciting!

DD: What’s The Muhsinah Foundation?
Muhsinah: The Muhsinah Foundation is a new venture I'm taking on geared towards helping young women hone their talent and confidence in the arts. The plan is to set up regular recurring projects like camps, classes and shows for communities lacking funding and/or public programs. I'm just trying fill the void and perhaps inspire the next ‘me’ but there will be much more on that soon...

DD: Was there ever any attitude coming up being a dope female producer?
Muhsinah: I think the only limitations we have are the ones we create. I've kept to myself and just made the music I liked, and people responded. I think if I set out to be the ‘dopest female producer out there’ or whatever, I dunno if things would've worked out the same way. All I can do is be humble, remain open and serve. That's all I'm here to do.

DD: Which other female producers do you find inspiring?
Muhsinah: Well, I'm not exactly sure how much production these ladies get credited with, but a few of my favorite singer/songwriters are Bjork, Emily Haines and Imogen Heap. They’re brilliant. Emily's writing might be the best I've heard in the past few years. Im a big fan. And Imogen has really set herself apart from other musicians, which I respect. Her melodies are so comforting. She's spreads them out so far. As a piano player I can hear where both these ladies are coming from and I really admire their courage and skill.