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Riton Recommends

Henry Smithson with new releases on Turbo Rec and Atlantic gives us his guide on what to hear and where to go

Formerly one half of Gucci Soundsystem with Ben Rymer, Riton aka Henry Smithson hailing from Newcastle has been renowned for his inventive and eclectic DJ sets at venue across the world. Whilst also having dabbled in his solo project Eine Kleine Nacht Musik on Modular, he has most recently collaborated with Primary 1 for their creepy single on Erol Alkan's Phantasy label 'Who's There?' and now 'Radiates' on Atlantic. More prolific than ever, he has also been spending quality studio time with Seiji to create 'Computer Juice' releasing on Canada's Turbo Recordings, a hilariously intense techno-tinged electro number raging with all of about two lyrics. Guess which ones.

Can you recommend...
... three new acts?
Primary 1 - The greatest living singer / songwriter?
Hot City Bass - Jam hot UK garage revivalist
Mowgli - An all-around nice guy whose music jacks

... three old acts?
Green Velvet - A massive hero
Armando - He did some total bangers which are still in the DJ set sometimes, even though he's been dead for 15 years
Soundhack - Some of the tracks by these guys are absolute fear

... a record label?
Phantasy - it's Erol's label, how can it not be great?

... a website? - 100 per cent illegal film streaming site

... a film?
Walkabout - A really good weird Australian film about... guess what!

... a book?
Alex Ross - The Rest Is Noise. Entry level classical music book that has a great website to support it.

 ... something on YouTube?
Chrisma - Mental Italian new wave fashion punks

 ... a shop / place to eat?
bStore. The guys who run this place are really lovely... good for posh clothes.

 ... something to do on a day off?
Lay in bed and stare vacantly into space.

 ... a song everyone should hear?
Paul McCartney - 'Temporary Secretary'. Macca enjoying synths at home.

Riton & Seiji 'Computer Juice' is out on December 28th on Turbo Recordings and Riton & Primary 1 'Radiates' (Atlantic) is out now
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