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An Experiment On A Bird... Recommends

The birds from An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump speak to Dazed about their favourite tunes, films and books

We get the chance to learn a little more about the preferences of X-Bird and D-Bird sans C-Bird, from An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump, noisy girl group (lengthily named after the 1768 painting by Joseph Wright of Derby) via our quickfire questions round. Just having released their ‘Buy A Life’ EP on the band’s own label, Buy A Life, An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump will be celebrating by throwing their launch party this Thursday 10th December at The Victoria pub in East London.

Can you recommend...
... three new bands?
X-Bird: I know the Yeah Yeah Yeahs aren't necessarily a 'new' band but what I find really intriguing about them is how their sound is constantly evolving. Each of their albums sound fresh and exciting without compromising on their artistic ethos and sound. Veronica Falls, we recently caught them live at Nail The Cross and we're really taken by their pop hooks and boy / girl vocals. They're playing our launch party on the 10th and I can't wait to see them play live again. I'm currently also listening to Telepathe's song 'So Fine' on repeat.
D-Bird: Selfish Cunt, Projekt Ako and Hatcham Social

... three old bands?
X-Bird: Three bands that I love... The Creatures for the drums and more drums. Check out their song Sky Train. I've been listening to 'I've Found A Reason' by The Velvet Underground a lot recently and Little Richard is good to listen to the morning after the night before.... you won't stay in bed after you hear him rocking and rolling you into the day. As the man himself would say, 'WHOOOO'.
D-Bird: Nirvana, Mazzy Star and The Carpenters

... a record label?
X-Bird: Rough Trade. Cool name, cool label. Great bands. One of the bands who inspired me to form a band were The Strokes so going through Rough Trade's back catalogue definitely helped shaped the world of music for me.
D-Bird: Rough Trade has a pretty impressive back catalogue

... a website?
X-Bird: Nemesis To Go. A great online zine documenting the current music scene in London and beyond.
D-Bird: I quite like yours.

... a film?
X-Bird: I've been watching Kenneth Anger's Scorpio Rising. Motorbikes, leather and 60s girl groups...
D-Bird: Bent starring Clive Owen and Mick Jagger. A poignant tale about two gay Jewish lovers in the second world war. Spectacular film.

... a book?
X-Bird: Kenneth Anger's 'Hollywood Babylon' documenting the trash, the glamour, *the scandal* of a bygone Hollywood era. I'm having an (Kenneth) Anger management moment.
D-Bird: Everything by Sylvia Plath

... something on YouTube?
X-Bird: I've recently helped set up a film / video collective called The Only Constant and some of the artists in the group have their own youtube channels. I've been watching Giada Ghiringhelli's work and Morgan Beringer's work. Both really intriguing artists!
D-Bird: Gentle Friendly’s Lovers Rock video directed by Anupa Madewala is amazing.

... a radio show?
X-Bird: I used to listen to John Kennedy's Exposure show a lot when I was getting into music so it was really cool to be asked to a live session for his show last month.
D-Bird: I love the poetry show on Resonance FM

... something to do on a day off?
X-Bird: Spend the day reading a good book and the evening completely obliterating your brain cells with bad wine and loud music.
D-Bird: Walk the streets of the east end, go for drinks at The Griffin and catch up with friend and then watch films in bed.

... a song everyone should hear?
X-Bird: 'There's A Woman' by The Righteous Brothers
D-Bird: Fever Ray ‘If I Had A Heart’