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Photos by Pixie Felton

Planeta Terra Festival, Sao Paulo

Dazed travel to Brazil to find out just what's all the fuss about their Planeta Terra music fest

It all ends with a stage invasion. Blind drunk on nuclear caprihinas, in front of a 15,000 strong crowd, led by bug eyed aliens, fine dime robo-babes and an ex-Pharcyde rapper, 40 of N.A.S.A’s friends shake it out to the 3am crescendo of Sao Paulo’s outstanding November music festival, Planeta Terra. Spike Jonze is there filming the madness, whilst N.A.S.A’s Sam Spiegel and Ze Gonzales rip through set of blazing rap and electro remixes from their award winning behemoth collaboration record, The Spirit of Apollo. But let’s rewind a little bit, when Dazed Digital land in the city of apple bottoms, where its wealthier contingent use helicopters rather than cars and feijoada is the greatest national meal, ever.

Meeting the charismatic 30-something CEO of Terra, Latin America’s leading digital media platform and provider, and the people behind the Planeta Terra festival brings together the impressively diverse line-up and celebratory summer time vibe of Planeta Terra. Think an O2 Wireless Festival with more toned midriffs and ice cold caprihinas set in a Brazilian amusement park called The Playcenter... Over the past two years Devo, Animal Collective, CSS, Breeders, Bloc Party and The Jesus and Mary Chain have got involved. This year sees N.A.S.A. play alongside Sonic Youth, Iggy Pop, Primal Scream, Metronomy, Patrick Wolf and upstart Brazilian new wave band EX! and punked out bossanova troupe Copacabana Club. The infamous Brazilian hospitality was in full swing as Dazed rode out a marathon of solid stalwart rock icon performances and sweaty electro bangers. It was then onto the beaches of Ipanema and the Sugar Loaf Mountains of Rio. Thank you Terra...
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