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Effi Briest Branches Out

Dazed catch up with the girl band before they release their debut album on Sacred Bones Records.

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, EFFI BRIEST have been best known for their mutual-cover split 7" release between their 'Mirror Rim' and their buddies Telepathe's 'Chromes On It'. With previous releases on Loog Records and Skinny Wolves Records, the languid post-Virgin Suicides-esque girls are now set to release their debut album on Sacred Bones. However, their music is anything but; against the driving guitars and an almost savage beating of drums, the girl-ish vocals chant through in a rough and lo-fi manner yet are eerily enchanting. We speak to Corinne Jones about what their new album and new video made by Mak Kern...

Dazed Digital: Dazed featured you a couple of years back... What have you guys been up to since then?

Corinne Jones: Well, we've toured a bit and recorded an album - twice. A new video is in the works.

DD: What's the new record this month all about?
Corinne Jones: Our full length is due out in January.

DD: What is your album called? Tell us about that?
Corinne Jones: It's called 'Rhizomes'. In botanical terms it's a nodular root system that grows horizontally and sends up shoots from its various nodes. In our case it's a metaphor for our song writing, and the title track of the album. Plus it's just a magic word.

DD: What's the story behind your name?
Corinne Jones: Effi Briest is taken from Theodore Fontane's novel and is also a Fassbinder film. It's a tragic heroine tale along the lines of Madame Bovary. But the band name is a thing in itself, not meant to align with the story whatsoever. If there is a possible parallel it would be that we have rewritten Effi's story for our time and it's a tale of free will and empowerment.

DD: You did a mutual-cover with Telepathe... what crazy dream collaboration could you imagine? An Aphex Twin reconstruction of 'Mirror Rim'? A UK Funky take on 'Newlyweds'?
Corinne Jones: Covering Telepathe was great because we've know those guys for so long. We also covered 'Suicide' for an Alan Vega tribute (a series of singles). A dream collaboration? Hmm, something unexpected say, Ghostface Killah.

DD: If you weren't making music, what would you be doing?
Corinne Jones: We are all involved in various pursuits at the moment: visual art, teaching, film making, dance, antiquing, textiles, travel etc..

DD: What lies ahead?
Corinne Jones: New songs. Supporting the album by tour, seeing more of the world hopefully!

Video directed by Mak Kern

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