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Photo by Cass Bird

On the road with Holly Miranda

Dazed films indie songstress Holly Miranda as she travels from NYC to Chicago for the first night of her North American tour

In the latest issue of Dazed I hit the road with rising indie singer Holly Miranda and her guitarist Timmy Mislock as they drove from Williamsburg to Chicago for the first leg of their North American tour. We drove over 800 miles in 24 hours, stopping for the night in a strange Ohioan town called Holiday City, where Holly and Timmy caned back a bunch of beer bongs and rocked out at full volume in their hotel room in the middle of the night. Weirdly, there were no complaints. Actually, the place did slightly remind me of the Overlook Hotel...

The next day we ended up in Chicago where Holly celebrated her 27th birthday by playing a hypnotic gig with The Antlers. Pick up the latest issue to find out the full story of the trip and how she broke out from a strict religious upbringing to end up working in the studio with TVOTR's Dave Sitek. But in the meantime, check out this film I made of our little road trip, set to the haunting sounds of her song, "Slow Burn Treason", which is taken from her forthcoming debut album The Magician's Private Library.

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