Leif (US)

Having a past of causing a racket with sordid Bmore edits, the energetic Leif is currently producing for Das Racist and Spank Rock

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Ever-prolific having been involved in the Bmore /  Major Lazer dancehall house scenes along with Rye Rye and Santigold etc, Leif as been making edits of MGMT to remixing Italo-disco Glass Candy, and dubstep-heavy Burial. Producer for Das Racist and Spank Rock, he's moved from fidget and rap to his newest project, titled Aries Noise...

… your description of your sound?
I'm really bad at being consistent. The tracks I've put out are fidget house and rap, but I just made a death metal hip-hop track.

… so special about you, then?
...I'm really bad at being consistent.

… your tip for 2009?
Turn your swag on. Take a look in the mirror, and say "What's Up!"

… the story behind your name?
It's short for Khalif, which no westerner seems to be able to pronounce. I also had a childhood obsession with Vikings and a teenage obsession with Bjork.

… your worst vice?
I can't stop burning Nag Champa incense and watching TV online.

… your dream musical collaboration?
I've wanted to work with Switch for years, but if Missy calls me up first...

… on your stereo?
"United Groove" by L-Vis 1990, "Rainbow in the Dark" by Das Racist, "Bränner" by Maskinen, "Rock Off Shake Off" ft. MIA by Rye Rye, "Hold the Line" by Major Lazer

… the best piece of advice you've heard?
"...'trash' was once a fresh concept, with radical potential. by now, however, amidst ruins of Post-Modernism, it has finally begun to stink. ironic frivolity finally becomes disgusting. is it possible now to BE SERIOUS BUT NOT BE SOBER?" -M.O.R.C.

… your secret?
I'm really really scared of being a bad fad rapper.

… the one thing you’d kill for?
The ability to freestyle and vogue and the same time, and all getting my Senegalese royal wealth back.
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