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Kasper's Young Again

Kasper Bjørke presents the video by Florence Tetier and Fantastic Fortune for his new single on HFN Music.

Danish music lover Kasper Bjørke from Copenhagen has spent a decade as a producer / DJ, and now the 33-year-old is taking on two musical projects, with his analogue disco project as 'Kasper Bjørke', while his techno and minimal / house alterego exists as 'Kasper Bjørke & His Friendly Ghost'. Having just finished working on his second album 'Standing on top of Utopia' which is set for release early next year on the new HFN music imprint, he is now releasing his first single “Young Again” featuring the indie singer Jacob Bellens, with remixes from WhoMadeWho, Serge Santiago and Lopazz & Zarook, accompanied by a beautiful music video by Swiss multi artist Florence Tetiér and the Fortune Collective.

Dazed Digital: How would you describe your new single, was there something in particular you were trying to achieve?

Kasper Bjørke: It's a kind of dark, trippy lovesong, written by the Danish singer and musician Jacob Bellens. He has a fantastic voice and is known from his indie band projects 'I Got You On Tape' and 'Murder'. I wanted to take him into a different scenario with this disco based production. I also tried to get a cinematic feel so I asked the brilliant string composer Davide Rossi (Royksopp, The Verve etc) to add the string section which has really given something special to the track.

DD: The video seems very utopic and surreal, the growing greenery is a nice way to represent something 'Young Again', do you feel it represents the song accurately?
Kasper Bjørke: I definitely feel it makes a lot of sense- I gave the creative team total freedom, and I'm amazed with the results. Definitely the most beautiful video I have ever had for any of my releases.

DD: Why did you choose Florence Tetiér to make the video, had you seen her work before?
Kasper Bjørke: Florence also did the artwork for my last album "In Gumbo" and I actually have one of the photos from one of her exhibitions in Paris hanging on my livingroom wall. Florence made the video together with the Director Karim Huu Do and Fantastic Fortune, a Swiss multi-art collective. She is also doing all the artwork for the upcoming album and singles- I'm really happy about our on-going collaboration.

DD: How is your more techno / house project coming along, I loved 'The Great Derangement' but are you focusing more on the 'Kasper Bjørke' stuff at the moment?
Kasper Bjørke: I try to find time to do both things. I actually finished the upcoming Kasper Bjørke album already in the summer, so since then I've been working on new techno productions. Next year will definitely see more releases from the 'Kasper Bjørke & His Friendly Ghost' outfit as well as some 12" releases with my old production buddy Tomas Barfod (Get Physical / Tartelet / Gomma).

DD: What can we expect next?
Kasper Bjørke: The second single "Alcatraz" from the upcoming album is out in early January including remixes from Zombie Disco Squad, Jimpster and my Danish friends Kenton Slash Demon, accompanied by a video by these young, Danish animation guys that I hooked up with. The album "Standing on top of Utopia" hits on February 1st, which I'm really looking forward to- and then I will be DJing as always, of course.