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Do The M.A.N.D.Y

The founders of Berlin's cult electronic music label Get Physical make an exclusive mix for Dazed

Long respected in Berlin's electronic music scene with their label Get Physical with DJ T. and Booka Shade, Phillip Jung and Patrick Bodmer have been fusing experimental techno and house as electronic duo M.A.N.D.Y. Now set to release their massive 44 track two-disc compilation mix CD, they creatively blend everything from Sebastien Tellier to DJ Koze.

More than a showcase of Get Physical’s roster, it features tracks from San Francisco’s Claude VonStroke & Christian Martin to lesser known producers like Wareika on Tomboy & Fredski's label Tartelet Records, spanning a huge range of electronic music. More playful songs from the likes of dOP, the jazz-influenced tech house producers are thrown in the mix with darker moody minimal tracks like Bodycode's 'Immune', ending on an edit of the infamous 28 minute long Radio Slave remix of DJ Hell.

Dazed Digital: What do you think made Get Physical so iconic in the midst of so many techno labels coming from Berlin?
Phillip Jung and Patrick Bodmer: Wow, probably because there are six people working on it to make it a success. It's most definitely a difference if you are working in a team and always questioning yourself, trying to find the best solution and putting all your heart into the project. We sort of created our own sound and people were receiving it really well and Pete Tong raved about us at a very early stage which helped us a lot too, so of course it's about the right time and the right place.

DD: You've got a hell of a lot of artists on your 44 track mix... Who are your favourites right now?
Phillip Jung and Patrick Bodmer: It's not easy to answer this question... There are a lot of guys doing good tunes, maybe one or two, but not a lot of people are consistently delivering great records. At the moment if we talk about new kids on the block, I would say Masomenos and dOP, both from France. They do great stuff. And I liked Lopazz's chilled project 'Ambient Film Themes', it's good to have music you can listen to at any time of the day.

DD: Having such respected producers as DJ T. and Booka Shade as label partners, have you ever collaborated on production with them, or anyone for that matter?
Phillip Jung and Patrick Bodmer: Sure thing. Booka Shade worked with us on the songs ‘Body Language’ and ‘Oh Superman’, and we did a lot of remixes together, we want to write some songs as of December again.

DD: Is the mix a showcase of where Get Physical is at or is it more personal?
Phillip Jung and Patrick Bodmer: Good question! Maybe a little bit of both with slight advantage on the personal approach. The thing about how we approach mix comps is that each track needs to still stand out if you listen to it 16,964 times. Sometimes we rave about some tracks and how they fit at night. But if we come back next day and listen to it completely sober and with a good night’s sleep, it still has to catch us. And this doesn't happen very often. So it's actually a long and tiring process. And of course very personal.

DD: If you weren't making music, what would you be doing?
Phillip Jung and Patrick Bodmer: Patrick was painting before the DJ thing kicked off and he was a project manager at a fancy web agency, and I studied Hotellerie and Tourism in Switzerland and worked 10 years as an A&R for various record companies. So probably it would still be in this area somehow... Too early to retire. That's for sure!

DD: Where is your favourite place to play?
Phillip Jung and Patrick Bodmer: My living room with my best buddies. But there are so many good places in the world to play. There are wonderful outside locations, on the beach, in the mountains or the big festivals with a couple thousand people going nuts, or the tiny after-hour places where you can play the most intimate records you have…

DD: Have you had any female fans called Mandy stalking you?
Phillip Jung and Patrick Bodmer: Let me think… So far not. So please all Mandys in the world, at least one approach from you!

M.A.N.D.Y. The Mix Collection is out at the end of October on Renaissance

Dan Ghenacia - Now U Need (Freak´n'Chic)
Remain - Rash (Tim Paris Remix) (White)
Chaim - Festivus (Supplement)
Bloody Mary - Sed non Satiata (Alex Cellar Remix) (Conaisseur)
Dan Curtin - The Sandwalk (Mobilee)
Estroe - Knetter
Taron Trekka - Shirol (Freude am Tanzen)
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