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Shafiq Husayn Recommends

Sa-Ra Creative Partner’s Shafiq releases his solo debut

There’s almost a cult following surrounding the trio of Shafiq Husayn, Taz Arnold and Om'Mas Keith, the powerhouse cosmic hip hop trinity responsible for producing hits for Erykah Badu, Kanye West, Dr. Dre, John Legend and Puffy. And it’s not just their beats, but their strange approach to releasing music... as in, it’s a rarity. However 2009 not only sees the brilliant full length Sa-Ra record Nuclear Evolution: The Age of Love released, but solo albums from each crew member (alongside fashion lines and TV shows). 'Shafiq En a Free Ka' is Husayn’s, released this week it’s a tribal, bumpy, soulful classic along the lines of Common or Badu at their finest. Rumours are rife of a full Sa-Ra live London show at Fabric in October. If this happens it’ll be big time. So keep your ears peeled.  

Can you recommend...
…three new bands?
J*Davey, Ty & Kory, and The Mars Volta. These bands are the newest thing going, they are innovative, creative and they progress.
... three old bands?
Run DMC, The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. These bands represent the best of classic rock music. They are probably the most progressive bands with their chord changes and song writing. They have persona, charisma, all the makings of a classic band.

... a record label?  
Ruff Edge Music, LLC. Ruff Edge Music is completely into experimental, anti-social, off-the grid out of the box music. This label is about being the eye of the storm and seeking the truth in music.
... a website?, why? Because man knows naught by being told. Get your mind right.
... a film?
... a book?
'The Alchemist'.
... something on YouTube?
M.S.T.A Sunday School Temple No. 24. Very clear and pure reason regarding the purpose of the Moorish Science Temple of America and the importance of nationality and divine creed.

... a radio show?  
89.3 KPFK Show entitled Left/Right and Center.

... something to do on a day off?
Go get a massage, go see the chiropractor and sit still somewhere and read. I recommend spending time at the Self-Reliazation Center in Mt. Washington.

 ... a song everyone should hear?
No Moor from the 'Shafiq En a Free Ka' album.
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