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Lazer Sword and Innovative Leisure

San Francisco’s act of the year release their debut and play London

With their mash of gut busting hip hop, haunted electro and twisted glitch, Low Limit and Lando Kal, aka San Francisco’s Lazer Sword recently swiped the SF Gate Music Awards. It’s that future blap, yo. Although they’ve only played a couple of London shows previous, the expectation surrounding their debut Fabric gig (23rd October) is pretty weighty. Add this week’s drop of their anthemic first 12” Gucci Sweatshirt on LA’s Innovative Leisure and you’ve got the blogs and actual, real life people sweating hard over Lazer Sword. “We're giddy for the sound system and anxious to blast London heads with the electro-choppy-spazzmatic-boost-music,” says Lando Kal about the Fabric date. “Gucci Sweatshirt is like our anthem, it was only right to make that the official first release. Peeps have kind of been anxiously waiting because all we ever do is release free remixes and mixtapes.”

Makes sense that the rebels of the West Coast hip hop and club scene sign to LA’s Innovative Leisure, an imprint inspired by hardcore labels Dischord and SST, founded by Nate Nelson, a dude who has been working with Peanut Butter Wolf at Stones Throw for the past four years. “There’s a real sense of personality to all those labels,” says Nate, supping coffee next to Stone Throw’s HQ in Highland Park. “They all have real character and so many stories. With Stones Throw there’s PB Wolf, Dilla, Egon, Madlib. It makes for a good experience. Music is both the audio and the experience. I admire that and it’s something I want to do with Innovative Leisure.”

“PB Wolf really encouraged me to do my own thing with the label and I’m really glad he did. I wanted to release music that I love, but maybe couldn’t be taken through the routes that I usually work with. So I set up Innovative Leisure to get their music out to the public,” explains Nate. “You can always hear Madlib through the music. There’s a soul. It’s like these guys, their music is deep, haunting and passionate.”

Gucci Sweatshirt is out now on Innovative Leisure. Lazer Sword play Fabric on Friday 23rd October then onto a European tour.
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