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Baby Monster (Oregon, USA)

The duo now based in L.A. are set to release their new single on the 50 Bones record label

Baby Monster hailing from Eugene, Oregon are currently playing a multitude of London and New York shows before soon releasing their single 'Ultra Violence and Beethoven' in turquoise blue vinyl on 50 Bones with remixes from the Irish Arveene & Misk. Remixers themselves, they have bravely tackled Zero 7 and label-mates Wolf Gang, whilst their own slow and soaring synthy material has been compared to MGMT and the like.

Q & A
WHAT'S… special about you?
We are living in L.A. and that feels special, we get to eat a lot of good food.

...your worst vice?

…the story behind your name?
If you search Wikipedia you'll see we're a big fan of Rubik's Cubes.
...the world coming to?
We are going to be attacked by aliens disguised as miniature real estate salesmen, ethnic dancers and gas station attendants.

...your worst fashion secret?
Our shoddy fashion is no secret.
...your favourite website?

...better, analog or digital?
Totally depends on the style of music... For a more electronic based sound, digital probably works better, where as analog may be better for a more organic sound.
 the top of your shit list?
The neighbour downstairs, always giving us the stink eye, plotting, pretty sure he's deep in the underworld, you're going to find us rolled up in a carpet one day...
...are you listening to now?
Wolf Gang- our buddy from London, Bat For Lashes, Saint Etienne, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros are a good band from L.A., also there are a lot of good bands with Oregon connections- Warpaint, Ambulance Ltd etc...

'Ultra Violence and Beethoven' is out November 9th on 50 Bones.