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Modeselektor: Body Language 8

The electronic Berlin-based duo release their highly-anticipated compilation on Get Physical, with two copies to give away to Dazed readers plus tickets to their launch night

Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary aka Modeselektor are set to release their compilation 'Body Language 8' on Berlin's Get Physical label. Infamously difficult to pigeon-hole, they move between IDM to electronica to trip-hop in their albums 'Hello Mom!' and 'Happy Birthday!' featuring Maximo Park, Teki Latex's TTC to Paul St. Hilaire. Coming together with electronica producer, Sascha Ring aka Apparat as 'Moderat', they also produced a self-titled album featuring moody, complexly layered electronic music over the years. Modeselektor continue to impress with their ability to bring surprising tracks together into a perfect fit in their eclecticly wide mix, moving from Rustie’s ‘Zig-Zag’ crunk to Norman Nodge's Berghain minimalism. Whilst playing with dubstep sounds, a big influence on the Moderat project, like with current favourite Untold’s ‘Anaconda’, they also blend dancehall flavoured house bangers like 'Pon De Floor' from Major Lazer and groovier electro from Siriusmo with minimal Marcel Dettmann remixes.

For a chance to win a copy of the new Modeselektor: 'Body Language 8' Mix CD and a pair of tickets to the launch party at Fabric, London on the 22nd October, simply e-mail with 'Modeselektor' as the subject.

Dazed Digital: Your sound has often been hard to describe, how would you define it yourselves?
Gernot Bronsert: Well, if so many people have problems with finding a description, how should I know?! No, seriously, Modeselektor is always on a hunt for new sounds, new beats, new things. This makes it really hard to define a certain style. We are not about that but only about good music.

DD: The Body Language 8 Mix has a pretty diverse tracklist, but you've made quite a few mix compilations, what makes this one different, is it more catered to a Get Physical ethic?
Gernot Bronsert: This mix isn't really related to the label Get Physical, it doesn't really represent it or wants to do so. The difference to other Modeselektor DJ mixes is that we had very little time for this compilation and had to work on it while touring. We usually take quite some time in the studio to work on a mix. But maybe this is what brings this certain flow to the 'Body Language' mix...

DD: People have been going crazy about the Djedjotronic Ft. Spoek vs Dorian Concept track, they're very distinct, how did that mix come about?
Gernot Bronsert: Well, this track just fit in perfectly into what we had so far. Sometimes you work on something, you listen to tracks somewhere sometime and it justs clicks and there it is, the perfect track for that moment in the mix... Working with coincidences is like a good spice in a yummy dish...

DD: You have collaborated with such a wide range of artists, is there anyone you still want to work with?
Gernot Bronsert: I think we'd just like to work with anyone again in the future...

DD: How was it working as Moderat? Was it difficult to produce an electronic album with three artists?
Gernot Bronsert: Oh yes! It was very difficult to get one opinion out of three. But it was a very challenging and important experience that I wouldn't want to miss. Now, the Moderat tour is over and it gives all of us mixed emotions. On the one hand we are happy that it's over and that we have more time for our families and for the studio, but on the other hand we'll miss touring. But Modeselektor will start playing gigs in October already so it won't be long before we are back on stage - it's bass time!

DD: You're touring a lot at the moment, where is your favourite place to play?
Gernot Bronsert: At Allianz parties at the WMF here in Berlin, at Numbers in Glasgow and a lot more great clubs and festivals all over the world!

DD: What's emerging now and is strong in Berlin at the moment?
Gernot Bronsert: Berlin has a very special characteristic which, it seems, never gets lost - the city changes very fast and slowly at the same time. This is what makes it so interesting. You have a lot of new things all the time but still the 'old' ones too... This way Berlin has it's classics like certain clubs, restaurants, artists, record shops and new innovations, new people, new music at the same time.

Modeselektor's 'Body Language 8 Mix' is out now, also available online at
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