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Lo-Fi Revisited: Woods

Composed of Jeremy Earl, Jarvis Tarveniere, Kevin Morby and G. Lucas Crane, they released ‘Songs of Shame’ earlier in the year.

How did the Woodsist/Captured Tracks festival come about?
Jeremy: We’re friends with Mike Sniper from Captured Tracks. The 4th of July was a perfect time to do a show. We picked this space in Brooklyn where  the M train goes right over it and lights up the space in a really beautiful way.
There definitely seems to be a strong sense of community with some of the bands in the lo-fi aesthetic
Lucas: The sense of community you get is born out of intimacy and feeling comfortable with each other. I’m a big fan of sound itself. Of pure sound.
Travis: We’re all big music fans. We don’t discriminate our influences. We can do whatever we want to try –that’s ok.
Jeremy: We’re pretty open to anything. We record a lot by improvising and we always have the tape running. we like to make music spontaneously, to make it quickly.
Lucas: He plays bass tuned like a drum. The set up is pretty esoteric. My mic is a headphone and his mic is a harmonica mic. I record sounds on tape and cut them in and out. That’s what’s funny about the word lo-fi. I keep hearing it as a genre term but I would like to pull it back to more like an aesthetic term, a feeling term.

Woodsist have been putting out stuff on cassettes – what was the thinking behind that?
Lucas: People just want to touch stuff. We’re post Metallica-suing era! The internet is the great leveller.
Jeremy: Which I’m for – I think bootlegging is great! We think cassettes are a great format.
Lucas: From a design perspective, it’s a cute little unit.
Jarvis: You can get anything for free but the fact that you’re still pressing vinyl and cassette, it’s a personal choice now. You’re doing what you want to do.

Does the recession have anything to do with the resurgence in DIY values?
Jeremy: This place of Brooklyn is like a bubble. I don’t think the recession is affecting us at all. I haven’t noticed a change. We don’t have to blow all our money on a studio. We can make cool recordings at home.